History of Tarsalia

As a little girl of 14 years old, she was to be married to a dirty old man of twice her age. She hated him, how he looked at her when her family invited him and how he whispered in her ear with his stinking breath. He touched her sometime, and it was years of training that made her sit it through.
She had to do this for her family. But on the day that she had to be married, she only wished that she would die soon.
Walking in the isle, and seeing him at the end of it, she had to get everything together and keep on walking. After this day, and after the feast, she had to go and live with him. Fearing every single thing that was waiting in her life.
But on the first night as husband and wife, she waited for him in their bed. She was trembling of fear, and was hoping that he would be too drunk to notice it.
When he finally came, it was after midnight. He was too drunk to even cick of his boots. As a good housewife, she helped him out of his cloths and into bed.
Glad that he fell asleep the instant that he touched his pillows.

The next day, she wasnít so lucky. She had tried to work the whole day, trying to get a hold of the house holding. It seemed that al the people their were much nicer than Lord Dowrim.
Dowrim on the other hand wanted to make up what he had lost the other day. It was on that day, that she started to imagine she was somewhere else, dreaming her childs dream.

It was in the same time that she was wondering in the lands around the little castle that she was to call home.
On one of those trips that she found a little baby in the woods. The little ones face was scared badly. Without thinking, she picked it up and held it close. It was cold, but it reacted on her warmth.
Coming home, she ran inside and went to the cook. Tarsalia knew that the cook, called Dray, knew something about herbs. When she saw the baby, her face troubled.
"Where did you find it."
"Inside the forest. Dray.. Can you help it?"
"Iíll do my best." Taking the little bundle of baby and walked away. Tarsalia waited impatiently in the little garden near the kitchen. It would become her favourite place in all the lands owned by Lord Dowrim. Remembering her husband, she twitched. How would she bring it to him. She knew he wouldnít understand. But perhaps he would listen to her body, although she disliked that very much, she couldnít just let the little baby die. She had just saved it.
She knew that it would stay alive. She knew it so clearly, that she wondered how that was possible. But then Dray entered the garden.
"You can come and look at the little boy."
"A boy?" She asked? She walked after Dray inside and saw that the boy had some colour back on his cheeks. The scars were covered with some sort of salve. Her heart broke when she thought that he might have to leave again.
But against all her thoughts, Lord Dowrim kept the boy. It grew up into a little boy that she loved with all her heart. She hadnít have any children herself. And she started to wonder if she might not be able to get one. But that didnít matter. She had Hywll. And he was all she needed.

But on one of the years that followed, Lord Dowrim felt jealousy against Hywll. He decided that he would have to stay in the stables at all times. He would eat there, sleep there and live there. Her heart broke, and she cried. He had just turned 5 then, and she was 19.
As to try to make a point, she stayed as long as she could in the stables, trying to not care about the household.
But he hit her hard, and she had to obey his wishes.
But whenever he left to go on a journey, she let Hywll in her bed, and tried to raise the boy as good as she could.

The Beginning

When she was 29, she couldnít believe that she had been married to the beast for about 15 years now, something happened in her life, that she knew that would be a point of changes.
A young man, about her age, entered the grounds when she was looking from her bedroom window. She could feel that she was drawn to him. She ran towards her little garden and tried to be calm. But then she heard the little couch of him. She starteled, but then got hold of her emotions. She had learned that over the years here.
"My name is Hubero the wonderful." He said. His voice was soft and joyfull. He had light brown hair and his eyes were heavenly blue. She could drown in them.
"I know." She hadnít heard it, but when he said it, she had already known it. "What brings you to this castle?" She asked when she gave her hand for him to kiss it softly. His lips burned on her hand, and she loved the feeling.
"My feet kind lady." He said and when she smiled, he smiled back. Recovering, she stopped smiling and her face was emotionless again. "I have to go. If you need anything, just ask Clive." She said. Bowing and then turning around and walking towards the kitchen. She knew she was running away from him, but she was scared that she would lose controle. And what would happen if Dowrim would find out. But she couldnít stop thinking of him, even if she tried it. But then she gave into it and she started to like the feeling.

At diner, she couldnít help but look at him. She loved his stories, and dreamed of them. But she couldnít help but hate her husband even more then she had done so. He was just sitting there, making as much noise as he could. And she was horrified when he got up and said he was going to sleep. She looked at the large room, and asspecially to Hubero, and followed her husband.
Trying to get lost in her mind, he was using her body. Hoping that it would be over soon, she thought of Hubero, somewhere in this castle..

The next morning she did her chores, and did it as quickly as she could. She wanted to get to her garden. She wanted to get some peace and quiet to get her mind together.
But when she got there she saw Hubero.
"I hope that I can take some of your time." He asked in a voice that was low and demanding.
"What do you want kind sir?" She asked, he knew it was out of her education that she stayed.
"I want to talk to you about Hywll."
"Don't hurt him! Leave him alone!" She screamed, he wouldnít hurt her baby, then recovering to her cold attitude again.
"I will never hurt him, unlike other men." He said, looking in her eyes. She knew he was talking of her husband. And she hated him for it, but he must never know.
"Lord Dowrim dislikes him, but doesn't hurt him." She tried.
"Oh is that why he sleeps in the stables? Or doesn't eat at the table?"
"Only if he isn't away. He travels a lot.."
Not saying a word, just looking, she came and sat next to him.
"Please... Don't force me to act against the wished of my husband." Grabbing his hands in despair.
"Don't you love him?" He knew that most of the girls were married to older men that they had never seen, but not loving and still staying was horrible.
She looked around quickly and whispered: "I hate him.. I sometimes think of killing him when he is snoring beside me." She shouldnít have said that.
"I didn't know.." He said under his breath.
"How could you? You've been here only one day. I liked your singing." She said, trying to change subject.
"I was singing for you, Lady Tarsalia.." He whispered when he was looking in her light blue eyes. She was still holding his hands, and his hands were warm under her own.
He got closer, and kissed her. She kissed him back, clinging on to his shoulders if she would fall.
But then reality hit them, and they stopped, and she ran away inside again.

Her mind was spinning, and her heart was racing. A smile was on her face, and she didnít want that. But when she thought of the kiss, her heart spinned again. Hoping that nobody would see it, she went to the stables.
"Hywll?" She whispered.
"lady Tarsalia! I have wonderful news."
"What it is my love?"
"Hubero took me in his room. He let me sleep in his bed."
"What did he do?" Thinking that he would perhaps not be as flattering as he had seemed to be.
"Yes. I woke up and he was in a chair. I hadnít felt a thing. Did I do something wrong?"
"Of course not Love. But you have to be careful.."
"I know Lady Tarsalia." Smiling, she looked at the 15 year old boy. He would soon be an adult. But she wouldnít let him go.
Her heart broke when she had to go again. "I have to go love.. You understand right?"
"I just wished that you would have married Hubero. Heís so much nicer."
"I know love.." Hugging him, she left the stables. Soon dinner would be ready.
At diner, his voice was the only thing that she heard that night. And she pictured that they were alone in a room, and he was performing just for her. If that could only be...

The Ending

Every time her husband told her that he was going away for travels, her heart made a jump of joy. Those were almost her favorite words. Her favorite ones were those of Hubero, telling her how much he loved her.
Ever since that kiss, he was all she could think about, and she thought that she finaly had found happyness, but then Lord Dowrim came back from his travels and her dream was shatered again.

She had told Dray, the cook and her only friend here in the castle, what Hubero was for her.
Dray was happy for her, but said that they should be carefull. Not all servants were that happy for her. 
Tarsalia knew that, but she didn't really cared what others thought. SHe was in love, and that was all that mattered.

But in the 7 years that had followed since that kiss, they became sloppy, and one of her private servants had found something of Hubero, and when Lord Dowrim came home, she told him.
He raced up the stairs, and she had thought that it was Hubero. But when the door opened, her smile froze and she was pushed on the bed. 
He hit her and kept hitting and yelling at her. She felt that her life was slipping away from this place, and she was scared that he would hurt Hywll now that she wouldn't be there to protect him. 

She was, as a spirit, hovering inside the room, feeling that she was drawn to the ceiling. But when she was leaving her body more and more, she felt that her body was pulling her back, and when she looked down, she saw her beloved Hubero, crying of a broken heart. "It isn't time" A voice whispered, and she fell back in her body. 
When she opened her eyes, she saw him clearly and he smiled between his tears and said: "I thought I lost you.."
"For a moment there you did.."her voice was still weak. 
 He picked her of the bed and walked over her husbands ugly body.
"Is he dead?" She asked in a whisper.Not knowing if she wanted him dead or not.
"No.. just unconscious.. But lets get out of here before he wakes up again.."
Hugging him, they walked down the stairs and outside.
Dray was standing near 3 horses and was crying. SHe reached out to her, and said: "I'll come back for you Dray. I promis."
"Please hurry.. Be safe Tarsalia.." Tarsalia smiled a very weak smile and then she heard Hubero call for Hywll. 
"I'm already here." A soft voice called in front of the horses. 
He was now 22 years old, and he was, even though his scars weren't gone, a pretty boy. Tarsalia smilled at the man that she had once saved.
"Lets get out of here." Hubero said, turned towards the cook and said: "Thank you.."  Even though Dray's eyes were scared, she smiled back, urging them to leave.
He got on his horse and held Tarsalia in his arms.

They had travelled far away from the small castle, and Tarsalia became herself again. A warm loving person with lots of love to give. She even smiled almost all the time and sang for her two men. Hywll was free to go, but he wanted to stay with them. They were the only two persons that he knew.
She could feel that Hubero was still scared that Dowrim would come and kill them. But she knew that he didn't want to spend so much money. And she even knew that he was thankfull that he got rid of her, in a better way than he had planned.

Although Hubero thought that she wouldn't survive life on the road, he was the one getting depressed. She had never been happier.
With her love, and Hywlls smart mind, they got him out of the depression and made him realise that they were safe. He started to be himself again, a humoris man that she had fallen in love with.
At some point, he was telling a story of dragons, warriors and love, when he got silent and his eyes bigger. She and Hywll looked at where he was looking and their mouth fell open, as his had fallen open.
"What's that?" Tarsalia whispered.
"It hurts the great Hubero that you didn't listen to his story." He said grinning, forgetting the large dragon for a moment.
Tarsalia looked back and smiled at him.
"Guys... Somebody jumped off.."Hywll said with a very soft voice.  Looking back at them, a young woman with a dark skin came towards them. She had a friendly face, and Tarsalia trusted her not to be one of her late husbands spies.
"Hello. My name is Mary." she said
"Well hello Mary. What brings you to these parts?" Hubero asked in his lightest voice.
"My drak. She told me that you 3 would be great aspirants."
"But where is that?" Tarsalia asked Aspirants? SHe had never heard of that word.
"Far from this world. But we really need your help. Too few aspirants come to Icarus.."
"Of course we'll help." Hywll said looking at her. She smiled at him "Follow me." She said.
Tarsalia looked at Hywll. He smiled at Mary with a special smile that she didn't see most of the time. He was in love. She would be perfect for him. But what was Icarus? And would she get one of those so called draks?

Tarsalia had been brought somewhere else then Hubero or Hywll. Hubero was in Castle Descas, Hywll in Chindor Castle, and she was in Mi'ihen Castle.
She had grown up in castles, so she knew what it was to live in them. But this was one of the most beautiful castles she had ever seen. 
Perhaps she and Hubero start one of those too. They had no where to go when her drak and that of Hubero had hatched. But that was in the far future..

The Hatching of Hindraar

Day Upsbenar had retreated to the secluded cavern inside the heart of the underground castle. Her eggs had shown signs of hatching and dutifully she had ordered everyone out with a smile. Her mate, Mud Ankhara stood watch outside, flanked on each side by a young man, their knights Rohn and Jefke. 
Upsbenar led her brood out of the secluded spot where the eggs had hatched. The hatchlings were a bit clumsy, some tripping over their feet or tail, or those of their siblings. Some draks preferred to march their draklings out, but Upsbenar was a happy-go-lucky sort and didn't mind her hatchlings playing a bit.
After a short entertaining parade of adorable draklings, Upsbenar called: 
"Have you made your dezcisionss?"
The draklings calmed down and a dark night female stepped forward
Next a water and fire drakling stepped away simultaneously. They looked at each other, but then the fire drakling seemed to make a bow and allowed his sister to make the first move. She in turn, locked eyes with Tarsalia and said:
"I sshall help you rebuild your cazstle. My name izs Hindraar."

Starting Castle Wo_Yao_Fei

Flying on Weerloos' back, Hubero looked towards Tarsalia. She was enjoying her ride on Hindraar.
Together, they were flying to their new destination. 
Some other aspirants of Chindor Castle and Castle Descas came with them. They would all help with building the castle.
Looking towards his two Vulpa's, he grinned. They would be going home, and he felt the same way.
Soon... He would play every night, every night would be a party in Castle Wo Yao Fei.

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About Tarsalia

 Name...............Lady Tarsalia
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