Nicolas & Regen


Name Nicolas
Age 25
Gender Male
Appearance With his shades, he looks kind of cool and reserved. He always wears his shades which makes him a rather noticeable person. He has light brown hair with a pinch of blond in it. Nobody has ever seen his eyes, so we can't tell you what colour they have.
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Nicolas is a very stable person that will never be thrown out of his cool act. He almost never panics, and he is a very patient person. He doesn't really like those people who freak out every time they see something unusual, neither does he like to be bound to one woman.
Tasks Defence Training
Hobbies He loves the free life, and never wants to be bound into his freedom. He likes to train the young aspirants, and he likes to burry himself in a lot of work so that he gets smarter and more intelligent, but only in the things that he likes: defence training. 
Social Life? single
Pets none
Family He has lived his life on Icarus, near Wo Yao Fei Castle. He has loving parents that support him in everything that he does. They only hope that he would settle down with a pretty lady that he likes. 
He has one younger sister that isn't anything like her brother. Her name is Sarah, and she also has impressed a drak.
History Nicolas grew up as the oldest son of a normal family. His parents gave him his freedom, and he still likes it a little too much. He has always loved to  learn a lot about defending. He loves that more then the the real fighting. He always says that defence is better then blindly getting yourself into a fight.
Homeworld Icarus

The Drak

Name Regen
Colour Ore
Age Adult
Gender Male

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