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 Age...............22 years
 Looks.........Pretty hazel eyes and very long blond hair. A scared face

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History of hywll

How he got into the little castle, just outside Verbatim, was been told to him. But how he got in the forest on Lord Dowrims lands, or how he got these scars or where his parents were, he didn't know. And every day, he wanted to know the answers to the questions. But every time he tried to find answers. Frustration was all he felt.
Lady Tarsalia had found him when he was just a little baby. Not even a year old.
He had these scares since then. She had saved him, and Dray, the cook had healed the scars. But they would always be visible. He hated the scars.
He didn’t really remember anything before the age of 5 years. Only the sweet face of Lady Tarsalia. And the horrible face of Lord Dowrim. He made Hywll go to live in the stables. He loved horses, but for a boy of 5 years old, it was a hard time.

Tarsalia came every day, and when Lord Dowrim went away from the castle, she let him sleep in her room.
He had seen the bruses on her face when she had gone against the wishes of her husband. And it had been his fault. It had been a terrible time. She smiled at him, but her eyes were scared.
Sorry she had whispered in his ears when he thought that he was asleep. But instead he had heard every word. He had cried that night, and the night after that. But then he talked to her, and she told him what he was afraid of. It had to do with him, but it had been her fault, not his. He learned to live with it. Although he remembered it, it faded to the background.

The coming of Hubero the wonderful

When Hywll was 15 years old, a strange visitor came to the castle. He looked at him from the stables. He seemed a nice man, and he had a lovely horse and a mule.
Hywll stayed in the stables, hoping that Lady Tarsalia would come to talk about him. But when he was taking care of the horses of Lord Dowrim, the stranger walked into the stables.
He looked at his horse and mule.
"I take good care of them." He said from the darkness of the stables.
"The man who's taking such good care of them, shouldn't be afraid to come into the light."
"Of course not kind sir." He asked him to come to him… Lady Tarsalia had always told him not to trust strangers. But he seemed so friendly.
"Thank you for taking good care of them. I'm grateful." He smiled at him.
"Most men don't want to talk to me.. But Lady Tarsalia protects me from them." Hywll trusted him right away.
"Well. If it means anything to you, I'll be your friend too. But now I hear some men call my name.. I must go." Bowing, he left the stables and looked around.
Hywll smiled when he went away. But then he was alone again, and it was getting colder. He turned on a lantern, and sat on the ground and waited for Dray to come and give him some food.
"Have you seen him?" Hywll asked delighted.
"Yes I did."
"We talked. He’s nice." Hywll said, when he was eating his food. Dray always stayed with him when he was eating, and talked to him.
Dray smiled at him. "You be careful Hywll."
"I will Dray."
And with that said, she went away with the dirty dishes.

The next morning, Hywll woke up and woke the stranger that was sleeping in a chair with a shriek.
"It's ok.." He said when he was getting up, stretching his muscles.
"But sir... I shouldn't be here. I'm not allowed in the house when Lord Dowrim is in."
"Well then that's about to change. What's your name?"
"But..." When he saw the look in his eyes, he said: "Lady Tarsalia calls me Hywll."
"That's a lovely name." Smiling at the boy, he said: "If anything bad happens to you, you have to tell it to me. I'll take care of you."
"Let me go back to the stables, now that Lord Dowrim isn't awake jet.. That way he won't find out."
"Only if you promise me that you'll come back tonight to sleep here."
"Ok sir."
"Call me Hubero, please.."
The boy grinned at him and then ran outside to the stables.

He took extra good care for Huberto’s horse and mule, as he did for Ladies Tarsalia. And later that day, Lady Tarsalia gave him a visit.
"Hywll?" She whispered.
"Lady Tarsalia! I have wonderful news."
"What it is my love?"
"Hubero took me in his room. He let me sleep in his bed."
"What did he do?"
"Yes. I woke up and he was in a chair. I hadn’t felt a thing. Did I do something wrong?"
"Of course not Love. But you have to be careful.."
"I know Lady Tarsalia." Smiling, she looked at the 15 year old boy. He would soon be an adult. But she wouldn’t let him go.
Her heart broke when she had to go again. "I have to go love.. You understand right?"
"I just wished that you would have married Hubero. He’s so much nicer."
"I know love.." Hugging him, she left the stables.

Destiny fulfilled

Dray came storming in the stables.
"Hurry Hywll. Lady Tarsalia is in danger." 
Hywll wanted to run to her room, but Dray stopped her. 
"No, you have to help me with the horses. Lord Hubero has gone upstairs."
Although his heart wanted to save Lady Tarsalia, he followed the wishes of Dray.

He was just guiding the horses out, when a servant brought Hubero's instruments. They packed the mule, and then they saw Hubero, with Lady Tarsalia in his arms, coming outside.
Hubero called him. He hadn't seen him in all the commotion.
He could come with them. His heart jumped up from joy, even in this dark time. With the 3 of them, they rode outside and as far away as possible.
He had looked back at Dray. She had been crying. He didn't want to leave her, but they had to. She was getting rather old, and couldn't ride a horse.

Days passed, and he stayed with them. He saw Lady Tarsalia getting better by the day, and he liked Hubero for it.
He loved Lady Tarsalia more as a mother, and he was happy that she was happy.

But then, something strange happened. A dragon, or better a drak appeared and the girl riding the dragon was so cute. He liked her from the moment he saw her.
And she wasn't horrified by his face.. Gratefully he accepted to go with her to Chindor Castle. 

Hatching of Ijkios

He had spend a lot of time with Mary and her drak. He loved it, and he didn't really miss Lady Tarsalia nor Lord Hubero. Perhaps it was because of his love for Mary, but e had promised them that he would help them with the newest castle on Icarus. 

But now, Mary had come to him and told him that the eggs were hatching. A bit panicking, he went to the deep caverns and waited there. He wasn't alone. Two other aspirants were waiting.

He was the last to pair with a drak.
"My name is Ijkiosss." The fire drak bowed for him.
"And I’m Hywll. Will you be my drak?"
"Who wouldn’t want to be your drak?" The fire drak answered and nuzzled Hywlls cheek. Scratching behind its ear, he looked at Mary and smiled. He felt happy, and safe to in this new life.

Now that Ijkios had grown up, he could really fly his drak, and enjoy the warmer days on Chindor Isle. 
When he landed, Nele, a girl that paired a day drak, ran to him and told him that Mary had gone to DesCas to let her drak fly.
The next minute, he was back in the air and flying towards the much warmer DesCas.



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