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Welcome to the Armada's!
There are a total of 5 armadas. Each has its meaning, and each has a different purpose to the castle. All the Armada's here are named after a colour.
I hope that soon my armada's will be filled with people. But for now, there aren't many persons in this castle, mainly because it is still being build.

Vanna Armada

Meaning the [Golden Coloured Armada]
Here you will find our High Knights, High Prince and Princess and the main judges.

Ianthe Armada

Meaning [Violet Coloured Armada]
Here are all kind of professions seated. For example: the welcomer, doctor, transport and many others.

Dugan Armada

Meaning [Dark Coloured Armada]
This armada contains the fighters of Savannah castle. Better be careful not to do anything wrong while visiting this armada..

Gaenor Armada

Meaning [Smooth Light Coloured Armada]
Here you can find our defence experts. Before entering this armada, your last steps were all noticed and making one wrong move, and you could just disappear.

Melanion Armada

Meaning [Dark Flower Armada]
This is an armada where some people are placed where they don't really have a active occupation for the castle, but still very handy for stories or beauty.

Background and Images made by Trix.
  Font used for title is called Neverwinter