Name Xantis
Age 25
Gender Female
Appearance Xantis loves leather. You'll see her often in leather pants or with a leather jacket. She likes the colour brown and thusly wears it alot. She has red-brown hair that she keeps fastened to her head anf large brown eyes that can look very innocent, but also at times show little lights of guilty pleasures. 
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Xantis is very reassuring. After all she works with people and has to make sure they want to use her as a transporter again. She's no stranger to the occasional joke, but mostly she is very nice to people she doesn't know. it's the people that know her who need to worry.
Tasks Transport
Hobbies Travelling, Seeing the planet
Social Life? She dates at times, nothing serious yet.
Pets Lightning Saharel Jewel (f)
Family She has family, but they're far away and none of our business... so NO COMMENT
History Xasnis was born in a medium sized towe she grew up, went to school and got judged. To her, her life only began at the castle. She has nothing against regular folks, but that wasn't the life meant for her and she knew it. 
Homeworld Icarus


Name Desert Gelontis
Age Adult
Gender Male
Appearance Soft orange-ochre with mottled brown wings. 
    & Behaviour
As a Desert, Gelontis is very tactless. he blurts out the most weird observations on the worst of times. Like the time he told a woman her pet had died and asked why it was still around her neck.
Homeworld Icarus

Castle  DesCas MAIN