Name Twan
Age 48
Gender Male
Appearance With fuzzy, greying blond hair, sapphire blue eyes and a daring sense of fashion, Twan is sometimes frowned upon. He has keen eyes though, and a mind to note small details and their meaning in the larger picture.
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Twan enjoys being right. He lives upon knowing things best and can be a pain. Often he can be seen walking with that sure, prideful walk of his that means he showed someone the light. He isn't easy to be around (unless you're braindead and willing to acknowledge it), but he can be reasoned with and at times he can be manipulated.
Tasks Head Judge
Hobbies Reading and Observing.
Social Life? Married. 
Pets Forest Faerie Drak Inez (f)
Family Him and his wife Allis (46) have 2 children who will probably find their way to the deep cavern one day: Cath (18) and Rik (16)
History Always in for an adventure, Twan was one of the first to sign up for Zander's expidition, leaving a cushy job as a judge for a renowned castle to start all over again.
Homeworld Icarus


Name Ore Merilka
Age Adult
Gender Female
Appearance Beautifully Silver and Gold, she can seem cold at first glance, but looks at the world with friendly eyes. 
    & Behaviour
Merilka is an experienced judge that can mostly pinpoint likely aspirants at first glance. Knowing no-one is perfect, she prides herself that she comes close.
Homeworld Icarus

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