Name Flint
Age 26
Gender Male
Appearance Flint has short, spikey reddish hair and emerald green eyes that stand out in his lightly tanned faced.  
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Though he is quite heavily built, there isn't a bad bone in Flint. He has a very calm, sotthing nature that was enhanced by his career choice. Becoming a medic, helping people has made him even more awar of his body and strength and how to handle them.
Tasks Hospital
Hobbies Hiking
Social Life? Steady Relationship.
Pets Beige Vulpa Ziltch (f)
Family Flint's father died a few years back, his mother is still alive and lives with his younger sister Alda (22).
History Flint was raised in a small village where he worked in his parent's farm. At the age of 18, after his father had died and their farm had been sold, he said his old life goodbye and went to the local castle to be judged. Three months later he had bonded Achaena. One year later he was starting over again.
Homeworld Icarus


Name Wind Achaena
Age Adult
Gender Female
Appearance Light sky blue with thufths of white clouds. 
    & Behaviour
Windy, airheaded, Achaena might not be the most philosophic among the descas draks, she is friendly and can rules the patients as if she was a queen, they obeying her every command (You! Too soon to go! In bed.. You! Out!)
Homeworld Icarus

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