Name Marysia
Age 24 (39 at present)
Gender Female
Appearance Marysia has black hair hanging down her shoulders. She likes to keep it lose, only kept out of her eyes by a ribbon. She has blue eyes and a pale skin that is not fond of the desert heat and sun, but she manages. 
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Marysia is a kind, though somewhat silent woman. She keeps to the indoors and underground of castle-descas, working or reading in her own office. When she does come out she usually wears a scarf to protect her skin from the sun.
Tasks High Princess
Hobbies Reading, Listening to gossip
Social Life? Married to Zander
Pets Spotted Shimmer Saharel Twilight (m)
Family Zander. 
History Marysia was the only child of two innkeepers. She was orphaned by a fire at the age of 15. Shortly after she was judged and paired Asvalendi.
When Zander arrived she fell madly in love with him and for once denied her quiet nature to get him to notice her. She did a good job of it too. 
Homeworld Icarus


Name Day Asvalendi
Age Adult
Gender Female
Appearance Yellow and White in cloudy pastel. 
    & Behaviour
Asvalendi is cheerful, always ready to cheer someone up as she walks around the hallways of castle descas. She ejoys to sit in the sun, looking at the sky, doing nothing but feel.
Homeworld Icarus

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