Name Zander
Age 23 (38 at present)
Gender Male
Appearance Zander is not very tall and slender built, but he was built to last. He can take quite a lot of hard times, both physical and mentally. For some unknown reason he died his hair indigo not very long ago and since then has been become more and more noticeable around the castle. 
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Zander is always ready to listen to people. he tries to get among the resident knights and workers as much as possible to hear what needs fixing the most and then tries to get it done. Of course this isn't always possible in which case he tries to make a compromise.
Tasks High Prince
Hobbies There's no time for hobbies ;) Well Zander loves the occasional cup of tea with Marysia to chat about DesCas and the draks.
Social Life? Married.
Pets Fire Faerie Drak Seoul (m)
Family Alive and well on Icarus though he hardly sees them anymore.
History Zander has lived at the edges of the small strip of desert for as long as he could remember, tracking with his family from one place to the next until they settled down. Zander, never really having felt at home in a city, kept on trecking until he witnessed a colony of Nex Necii. Alerting the nearby castle he was also judged and impressed Perini. 
Zander always remembered the little place with the underground spring that had saved his life when he had been running. Returning their later he started thinking about a castle... a desert castle. 
Homeworld Icarus


Name Night Perini
Age Adult
Gender Male
Appearance Black with golden wings. 
    & Behaviour
Like all night dragons, Perini enjoys thinking. So much so even that he has made the library his day home, being there for long hours.
Homeworld Icarus

Castle  DesCas MAIN