Name Breeze
Age 21
Gender Female
Appearance Breeze is a tall, green-haired maiden with deep saphire eyes and a mysterious smile. She has a pale skin that looks almost white enough to look through. Breeze also possesses a musical voice. 
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Breeze doesn't get out much. She usually stays inside her own part of the castle, reading and experimenting with flavour. Now and again she picks up an aspirant, though it is unlikely for that to happen. 
The few people that have met her in the flesh know her as an absentminded person. Beautiful, but distant and somewhat cold.
Tasks Keeping the History
Hobbies Reading and writing about other worlds
Social Life? Non-existant, she can be described as narcistic.
Pets None
Family Left in their hometown
History Read Story Below.
Homeworld Icarus


Name Water Leniki
Age Adult
Gender Female
Appearance Blue-green in a bright swirl of colour. 
    & Behaviour
Soothing and calm she seems almost the antithesis of Breeze. But there is a need of balance in the cosmos, what Breeze lacks, Leniki adds.
Homeworld Icarus

Castle  DesCas MAIN

The Alternative Team
Everyone on Icarus knows Wind types are impulsive, changing their opinion so frequently they seem to have none at all. Yet what Breeze did was so rash she would never be forgotten.
Breeze was a normal looking child. Small and white, with curly hair and freckles. But her mind was far ahead of her age. Too smart for her own good some would say. 
Precocious children normally don't get bored, because there is always something to grasp their attention....but not that day. Breeze felt weird, nervous, all the things she thought up to do she dismissed. She didn't even want to go swimming with the other children, something she normally never refused.
She played the mirror game, where she spied a place in her folded mirror and then went looking for it, only to move on after a new look in the reflective surface. As mature as she was, she was still a child and ended up getting lost. Somehow she'd gotten close to a Castle though and it so happened that a clutch had hatched and the mind pairing ceremony was taken place right at that time. 
Rash as always, Breeze decided she would go watch. She wormed her way through a crack and snuck inside. The mother came out and the Draklings followed. She held her breath, which of the aspirants would mind pair and which wouldn't? There were far too many aspirants for that small clutch of 5 eggs sired by Water Adeki and Ore Moreni. The mother named the first, the second and so on, until the last, a small water dragon, was the only one left. Her mother named her Leniki, and that drakling came up to her and stroked her legs. 
It was only at that time most spectators noticed her, not knowing what to say, she could only accept the mind pair of the little drak. For a moment she worried about getting scolded or punished, but that didn't last long. This was an exciting new adventure that would keep her occupied forever.

It was also at that day that she saw Zander for the first time. He came running in from the North, shouting about Nex Necii in the desert...She barely noticed him or what he was saying, lost in the care for her drak. Yet she did pick up on the nervousness of the residents later. 

Leniki was a good student and seemed to instantly grasp some aspects of her knight. Once Breeze had asked Leniki why a caring water drak had chosen her of all the people gathered at the hatching.
"You were the one who needed me most." She said, not making any sense to Breeze. Leniki, sensing her message hadn't come through explained
"The only thing stable on you was your instability, but that was infinite. Like water you were constantly shifting and moving but at the same time staying your true self. You were perfect for me."

When Leniki was a Squire, Zander approached her, with his recently hatched Perini, Leniki's halfbrother, to ask if she would join his expedition to a place he called The Desert Castle. When he explained it to her, she couldn't refuse, it was such a great opportunity for her. Somewhere she could start from scratch, somewhere she could change however she felt it needed to be changed. She understood there were only 10 knights coming, 4 of which would leave once the 6 others had reached full maturity. They would be the only ones protecting the 62 humans that would help build the castle and it's inner gardens. The excitement of her job hasn't faded since.

Castle  DesCas MAIN