Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


The first of the draklings, a golden night with pitch-black manes stepped carefully away from his mother. Giving the three aspirants a thoughtful look, the young male finally approached the youngest of the aspirants, Theo.
"My name is Argeloosss." He said softly, "Iíd like to grow up with you."
"Who says I need to grow up?" Theo answered defyingly, "Iím doing fine now."
"I guesss thatíss why you hang around Quinn all the time. Becausse you can take care of your own."
After this Theo shut up and looked a bit sulky, but after Argeloos had urged him a bit by nuzzling his limp hands, he smiled again and followed his new bond to the feeding area.

Trained by Quinn and Mud Evanderi
Knight Training

Theo scanned the surrounding area. The desert wasn't a big expanse of sand, it was littered with rocks and debris which made it all too easy for bandits and nex necii to hide from spying eyes. As a young knight, recently graduated from being a squire, Theo wanted to prove his worth. 
"We've got to go down." he insisted.
"There iss no-one arounds." Argeloos told him.
"We can't be completely sure. We need to check."
Argeloos gave in and landed on the hot sand. The Night drak was 99% certain the place was deserted, but his knight had put a little niggle of doubt in his mind and that had been enough to go and confirm. Argeloos moved into the shade of one of the large boulders and peeked around. Nothing. 
A little further, Theo was doing the same. He checked below outcrops of stone, looked into nooks and crannies. Nothing yielded any sign of life.
"Let's continue."
"Okay." Argeloos replied and they took off again.
It would be a long day, but they would do their job thoroughly. They owed it to their armada and high knight to do the job they'd been hired to do. Even if it had been four years since he'd paired, Theo was still only 18 and not many people would consider him an adult. So he'd prove himself by doing a good job so no-one could talk down to him. As the youngest in the family he'd been far too familiar with that. You were always behind, you always needed to wait. But soon he would catch up and the few years that parted him and his brothers would not be that important anymore. In fact, Quinn was already asking him for help to train the new squires. It wouldn't be very long at all.

Uikiki and Hitomi were doing things in an unnecessary flashy manner. Again. What else was new? Theo sighed and though the pair of jousting knights had already graduated Weyrlingtraining. Theo just couldn't ignore their behaviour as assistant trainer. Of course he hadn't been in charge of them, but clearly Rhaeen and Madalloski had not been all that insistent on safety measures. Curse his sister in law. 
"He's coming our way." Uikiki whispered to her rider.
Hitomi could feel her heart quicken when the cute assistant trainer got close enough to hear his footsteps and she turned, a bright smile on her face.
"Hi there Theo." she said sweetly.
Hitomi'd seen Theo around the castle, but her trainer was his sister in law and she'd told so many stories about him that Hitomi hadn't been able to help but fall in love with the boy of the stories. But of course stories and reality sometimes lay far apart. But Hitomi wasn't one to stay dreaming for long. She and Uikiki had made certain that Theo noticed them. 
"You can't just fly without a safety harness..." Theo started a lecture.
But Hitmi interrupted him: "It's part of my jousting training."
Theo fell silent, puzzled by the way some people played with their lives. Behind him Argeloos swept in and added: "Regulations stiulate that you can only practice that over water or cushioned ground. I believe you should know that."
Then the night drak winked at Hitomi's Rain drak and added: "As do you."
Uikiki chuckled and moved closer to Argeloos, the fur on her tail sweeping closer. Hitomi grabbed her chance now that Theo was quiet.
"How about a drink and you can tell me all about the rules."

Argeloos joined the Desert Twilight Armada at Castle DesCas
Life Mate: Rain Uikiki

Forest Faerie Drak Inne (f) and Rain Faerie Drak Nita (f)
Pets adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Theo Pioen
Age 14 (at pairing), 16 as assitant, 18 as knight, 21 at finding a mate
Gender Male
Appearance Theo at 14 is rather short for his age, he still needs to get the growth spurt that will make him as tall a man as his brothers. Theo has light brown hair and eyes.
Thoughts Theo is kind of a wiseass, he acts like he knows everyhing and enjoys letting the world know that.
Family: Theo is the youngest of 4 brothers, his oldest brother is Quent, followed by the twins Phiol and Philip. All of them seem to have lost their heart to a Viooltje girl, all but Theo, but what isn't can still come ;)

The Drak

Name Argeloos
Age Adult
Gender Male
Appearance A golden Night drak with pitch black manes
Thoughts All about learning and doing the best he can at lantessama for his training with Knight Quinn and his drak Evanderi.
Family Parents: Rain Ponitlo and Ore Xirastos
Life Mate: Rain Uikiki
Paired at Castle DesCas

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