Name: Hitomi
Age: 17 (at pairing, 21 at present)
Gender: female

Description: Hitomi has short black hair and very dark brown eyes. Her eyes are tilted slightly and she also has a feintly yellow skin-tone that remind of her heritage. She is rather short for her age and it doesn't look like she'll grow much in the near future. She is very slender and is even now often mistaken for being a boy. The way she acts might make that worse.
Personality: Hitomi is a brat. She does whatever she pleases and hates to be told to be more ladylike. She is a woman, just not one who faints at the site of blood and stays home to watch the kids. Hitomi loves creepy animals. She loves going on adventures. She loves to cause mischief. And she absolutely HATES cleaning.

Family: Hitomi is the eldest daughter in a family of three. She has one older brother, Masami (20) and one younger sister, Sumi (15). Her parents work for one of the local well-off families and think a good appearance is half of the way to making a good impression.
Pets: Blond Vulpa Indrah (f) from Castle DesCas.
Drak: Rain Uikiki from Castle DesCas.


Hitomi kept her head bent while she swept the hallways. She had been born and raised in this mansion and knew the escape routes as no other. There was no-one around, she'd successfully cleared the bend in the hallway so now she could not be seen by the other kids on duty.
Quickly Hitomi put her broom out of the way, hung her apron on it and tiptoed into the nearest doorway. From here she'd entered the first floor offices which led outside. Of course Hitomi would not take the grand entrance to leave. She would take one of the small ways out that regular folks didn't know off. Like the window in the cook's room or the place where a small tree clung near the mansion's wall so you climb down it.
Maybe the tree would be safest for now. Hitomi looked around one last time and then crawled through the window. Outside she nimbly got hold of one of the larger branches of a sturdy tree. She used it's myriad branches to reach the ground and then cheered softly. Once again duty would not be for her!
She whistled and from nearby a light brown, creamish-beige vulpa emerged. The creature, a female, yipped happily and then followed her as she made for the nearby forests.
You could not exactly call it forests though. Hitomi's hometown, Zand, lay on the island Grion where the Castle DesCas was housed. Though the village wasn't situated in the desert, the climate was still hot and dry. Trees gres, but generally didn't grow large. They had plenty of tall, brown grass though. It were those grassplains that were Hitomi's playground.
She'd played there since she was old enough to run away from cleaning duty and knew the best places in it as the back of her hand. Today too, she went to one of those. A secluded clearing where Hitomi wouldn't have to worry about the long grass cutting her or sand blowing in her face. The place itself was a sandy pit surrounded by the long grass making her as good as invisble when she was there.
She played with Indrah, her vulpa, and then dozed off. When she woke up two pairs of eyes were watching her. Shaken, she did not even register that only one of those sets of eyes were human. A young man, about her age and a night drak had found her.
"Hi." the young man said.
"Er... hi." Hitomi answered.
"Is everything ok? We were flying overhead when Argeloos spotted you and we thought something might be wrong. I'm Theo by the way."
"Don't people sleep where you're from?"
"They seldomly do." Theo smiled, "Well it's rather deserted here."
"I'm fine. So you can leave."
"Now that wouldn't be nice. You see my mother taught me I should always bring a lady home."
Hitomi smirked, "How noble of you. Would you do that even if it would get the lady into trouble?"
"What trouble?"
"I ran off to have fun while I should have been cleaning."
"Say no more. I know what a dread cleaning is." Theo sighed.
"You do?"
"Hey, I was the youngest at home, who do you think got stuck with cleaning duty?"
"Anyway, just leave me be."
"I still can't do that." Theo smirked, "What do you say I take you to DesCas and have you judged. Though I have to say there's cleaning duty for aspirants as well, if you ask nicely I might help you escape."
Hitomi wondered just what Theo wanted from her, but being close to draks would be entertaining for a short while at least. And if she didn't like it she could always slip away. Even without Theo she would find the exits soon enough.


At noon, the castle vibrant and lively with the sounds and smells of lunch, Lilith announced the people in the canteen that Tebanaki's clutch was hatching. About an hour later aspirants, staff and inhabitants of DesCas had all finally gathered outside of the deep cavern. The cool water of it's indoor fountain chimed pleasantly but did not help soothe the tension in the air.
When the door swung open and the black-gold Tebanaki appeared everyone held their breath. In the silence that followed only the tapping of little claws on stone floor could be heard as 24 little feet set foot in the room. The six draklings sat down in front of their mother in one neat row.
The second female, a delicately spotted rain, stepped into the light. She looked at her mother for a moment and as the Night drak nodded, she stepped toward Hitomi, the boyish girl with the slightly slanted eyes and said:
"I've heard much about you. My name is Uikiki."
"You did?" Hitomi asked, "Whatever bad they spoke of was a lie."
"Really? Because I really loved your bad side." the drakling grinned.

Trained by Rhaeen and Forest Madalloski
(Knight and Jousting Training)


Uikiki and Hitomi were doing things in an unnecessary flashy manner. Again. What else was new? Theo sighed and though the pair of jousting knights had already graduated Weyrlingtraining. Theo just couldn't ignore their behaviour as assistant trainer. Of course he hadn't been in charge of them, but clearly Rhaeen and Madalloski had not been all that insistent on safety measures. Curse his sister in law. 
"He's coming our way." Uikiki whispered to her rider.
Hitomi could feel her heart quicken when the cute assistant trainer got close enough to hear his footsteps and she turned, a bright smile on her face.
"Hi there Theo." she said sweetly.
Hitomi'd seen Theo around the castle, but her trainer was his sister in law and she'd told so many stories about him that Hitomi hadn't been able to help but fall in love with the boy of the stories. But of course stories and reality sometimes lay far apart. But Hitomi wasn't one to stay dreaming for long. She and Uikiki had made certain that Theo noticed them. 
"You can't just fly without a safety harness..." Theo started a lecture.
But Hitmi interrupted him: "It's part of my jousting training."
Theo fell silent, puzzled by the way some people played with their lives. Behind him Argeloos swept in and added: "Regulations stiulate that you can only practice that over water or cushioned ground. I believe you should know that."
Then the night drak winked at Hitomi's Rain drak and added: "As do you."
Uikiki chuckled and moved closer to Argeloos, the fur on her tail sweeping closer. Hitomi grabbed her chance now that Theo was quiet.
"How about a drink and you can tell me all about the rules."

Uikiki joined the Desert Light Armada.
Uikiki found a lifemate in Night Argeloos (Knight: Theo)

Castle DesCas