Name: Bearn
Age: 31
Gender: male

Description: Bearn is tall with distinguished features and a noble air around him. His black hair is tied away in a neat pony tail. His blue eyes with a hint of grey can convey a thousand looks, aided by his flexible eyebrows. He's cool and quiet and rather likes to weigh all options before he decides on an action. He spends a lot of time thinking about the motives of people. He enjoys being an actor because he can play out emotions he'd never allow himself to have, trying to grasp at what they are and how they feel.
Family: Second son of a wealthy family. His older brother took over his father's title and duties while his younger siblings all seemed to find work in the intellectual professions of teacher and clerk.

Pets: --
Drak: Ore Genkiki (m) from Castle DesCas


At noon, the castle vibrant and lively with the sounds and smells of lunch, Lilith announced the people in the canteen that Tebanaki's clutch was hatching. About an hour later aspirants, staff and inhabitants of DesCas had all finally gathered outside of the deep cavern. The cool water of it's indoor fountain chimed pleasantly but did not help soothe the tension in the air.
When the door swung open and the black-gold Tebanaki appeared everyone held their breath. In the silence that followed only the tapping of little claws on stone floor could be heard as 24 little feet set foot in the room. The six draklings sat down in front of their mother in one neat row.
Tebanaki's fifth drakling, an ore, turned out to be male and he took his sweet time looking over the remaining two aspirants, two actors from one of the villages around Descas. Much to the dismay of his plant brother who got held back by his mother when he tried to cut in.
Finally he stood up and stepped towards Bearn, the older of the two. Well-manicured and finely clothed the man did look on top of his game.
"My name is Genkiki." the ore said, "it'll be a pleasure to work with you."
It was finally the plant drak's turn and he could barely contain himself when he ran more than walked toward Tatar. Swishing his tail in dismay he uttered in a quiet voice, "I understand my mother when she said a true man lets a woman go first, but why did I have to wait for my brother when he's indecisive anyway?"
"Does that mean you would've rather paired Bearn?" Tatar asked slyly.
"Such a boring man? No way, at least with you I'll have fun."
This comment caused disapproving looks from several knights to be turned on the duo.

Trained by Twan and Ore Merilka
(Judge Training)


"Have you heard?" Genkiki asked Bearn.
"What?" the actor and judge asked.
"They've asked Tatar to be ambassador for the nexus."
Bearn waited to let the information sink in. He was amazed to not feel any envy or anger at that bit of information. But then his problems with Tatar had been about his style of acting. The man was young still but had grown in the recent years. Both of them hadn't had time to act professionally. But both had also kept up their craft by giving little performances for the inhabitants of the Castle. And Bearn had to admit that Tatar had grown as both a man and an actor. His performance had deepened. 
"That's good for him." he finally answered.
"Would you want to be in his place?" 
"I considered it for a moment. But that job would mean even less chances of acting. Besides we have an important job to do here. I guess I'm happy with my role in life and all the roles I'll be able to play here." Tatar decided.
Genkiki nodded, content that he'd asked the difficult question and to have gotten a reply that was both calm and sure. The ore drak looked in the distance and said: "I would have liked seeing some of these places though. Imagine the wonders on other planets."
"Nothing is stopping us from visiting while we have free time. I'm certain Tatar won't mind a little visit from his old mentor." Bearn smirked.
"I'm sure he wouldn't." 

Bearn and Ore Genkiki joined the Desert Light Armada as Judges.
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Story - Tatar

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