Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


Philip and Rhean still stood where they had placed themselves at the beginning of the naming and pairing ceremony. Rhean looked at Phiol trying to reassure him that there would be more clutches and more draks to pair with when he suddenly smiled at her and called:
"Rhean look!"
Turning around, Rhean saw a small white figure running toward her, running from a larger white wind drak that had apprently brought in her own draklings in time for the aspirants not to have been disappointed.

"You you you!" The little Wind cried. "I am Umynri!"
Rhean could only laugh when she saw the 'little' creature run toward her, calling out how much she wanted her. if this was what pairing a drak was like she would not mind having it happen again.
"Aren't you happy with me then?" Umynri whispered to her, "Am I not all you need?"
"Oh I think you might be more than I can handle, precious." Rhean chuckled, "You're so hungry already that I can hear your stomach grumbling. Let's get some food in it."
"Meat! Yay!"

Messages had been sent between Dun Keiba and Chindor often in the years after both Rhean and Quent had paired. As both were diligent and trustworthy the letters were often written late at night after a busy day, but the feelings conveyed in them were not sad nor grumpy. They shared their triumphs, their joy and their hope for the future. 
After a few years both their draks had become strong enough to fly and portal across Icarus. Which meant that although they could not live together yet, they could meet up at least. 
"He's there!" Umynri called excitedly as Quent's Ore drak appeared in the sky. 
"That I am." Ooïlakios commented as he landed.
Being an ore he was punctual, but the girls had been excited and had gotten to the meeting location early. Rhean ran up to Quent as Umynri stepped closer to the ore drak, both pairs getting (re-acquainted. They had an entire afternoon of time. A luxury after 2 years of lessons, training and care.
"I've missed you." Quent admitted.
"I've missed you too." Rhean answered, "But I have you here now. Let's not watse our time being sad."

Water Faerie Moraia (f)
Pet adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Rhean Viooltje
Age 17 (at pairing), 21 as knight
Gender Female
Appearance Rhean at 17 has easy short black hair and brown eyes. You can see from her face that she is a friendly person.
Thoughts Rhean is smart and responsible. She is also the friendliest of the three sisters, mostly willing to put her own work aside to help a friend.
Family: Rhean and her twin Rhaeen are the oldest daughters of three children. They have one other sister, Stinga.
Rhean is engaged to Quent, but they have put the marriage off until their draks have matured.

The Drak

Name Umynri
Age Drak
Gender Female
Appearance A perfect little Wind Lady
Thoughts All about networking and getting popular with Rhean's friends ^_^
Family Parents: Cephari and Gwaelyn/Khymelyn
Lifemate: Ore Ooïlakios
Paired at Dun Keiba

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