Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


It was late in the afternoon when Einaki emerged from the deep cavern where she had been alone with her eggs for the past night and day. Three hatchlings toddled behind her, still a bit clumsey on their feet, but following determined to make a pairing.
The first baby of Einaki and Ustos stretched lazily before even looking at the aspirants. Rhaeen looked irritated about the hold up, but Quent watched with a smile playing around the corners of his mouth. This one was his, or so he had been led to believe by the drakling who still did not seem interested in moving.
The first drakling was an ore, like his father. Testing his gold coloured wings, the drakling finally walked slowly paying much attention at how he looked at Quent.
"I think I’ll pick you." The Ore drak looked at him. "My name isss Ooïlakios."
"And mine is Quent." Grinning, he and his drak left.
Briefly Quent wondered how Rhean was fairing at Dun keiba and if Rhaeen would be able to pair a suitable drak that would be able to live with her quirks. Shaking his head he pushed all those thoughts back, tomorrow, then he would send out messages, today he needed to get to know this truely amazing individual named Ooïlakios.

Messages had been sent between Dun Keiba and Chindor often in the years after both Rhean and Quent had paired. As both were diligent and trustworthy the letters were often written late at night after a busy day, but the feelings conveyed in them were not sad nor grumpy. They shared their triumphs, their joy and their hope for the future.
After a few years both their draks had become strong enough to fly and portal across Icarus. Which meant that although they could not live together yet, they could meet up at least.
"He's there!" Umynri called excitedly as Quent's Ore drak appeared in the sky.
"That I am." Ooïlakios commented as he landed.
Being an ore he was punctual, but the girls had been excited and had gotten to the meeting location early. Rhean ran up to Quent as Umynri stepped closer to the ore drak, both pairs getting (re-acquainted. They had an entire afternoon of time. A luxury after 2 years of lessons, training and care.
"I've missed you." Quent admitted.
"I've missed you too." Rhean answered, "But I have you here now. Let's not watse our time being sad."

Wind Faerie Drak Jaelle (f)
Pet adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Quent Pioen
Age 18 (at pairing), 22 as knight
Gender Male
Appearance Quent at 18 
Thoughts Quent is the most serious of his brothers and raised to always take care of his younger brothers and the three neighbouring girls... though it was hard work for just one boy to do. He got a lot of help from Rhean though, leading to what might have been the first of the three current couples.
Family: Quent is the oldest of the four Pioen brothers.
Quent is already engaged to Rhean, but they're waiting till after their draks have matured to get married.

The Drak

Name Ooïlakios
Age Drak
Gender Male
Appearance A tall, decisive Ore
Thoughts All about sleeping, being lazy and downright ignoring his trainer when it comes to excercise and practice.
Family Parents: Einaki and Ustos
Life Mate: Wind Umynri
Paired at Chindor

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