Name: Harud
Age: 21
Gender: male

Description: Harud has brown hair that hangs down on his shoulders. It's rather thin and if he looks at his relatives he can worry about growing bald prematurely. He has blue eyes. During summer he easily burns and gets freckles. Harud is tall and has strong arms and hands because of his profession. Harud worries a bit about his appearance and often walks with a slumped back, trying to disappear.
Personality: Harud is shy and introverted. He is the youngest in his family and thus he had to either be a genius or a troublemaker to get noticed, or decide not to be noticed at all. Harud went for the last option and is rather comfortable as an anonymous member of his family. He lacks courage to show his inner strengths and weaknesses. But Harud does dream. He dreams of a simple life, where he isn't important to the world, but just important enough to a small group of people to be loved.
Occupation: Harud makes musical instruments

Family: Harud is the youngest son in a family of 5 siblings and 20 cousins. His father builds instruments and expects (at least more than half of) his sons to take over his profession. His mother is a singer.
Pets: Water Faerie Drak Huldra (f)
Drak: Ore Jasshos (m) from Acicade Castle


Halfway through the morning Gegrunsh had announced that her eggs were hatching and all but her had vacated the deep cavern to wait. The aspirants had gathered in the hour that followed. Harud knew not all of them would impress. There were six aspirants and only three eggs. He was the only aspirant that was local, all others being people who'd gathered from across the nexus. Harud wondered if any of the little draklings would even look his way with all those amazing individuals nearby. 
Gegrunsh tapped on her side of the door and Margharet carefully opened to see if her drak was ready. Naelos, the sire, stuck his head in above her head and was rewarded with a little friendly nudge from Gegrunsh as she strode out, followed by four little draklings. Gegrunsh shielded her draklings from view until she was at the center of the room. There, she folded back her wings and the four draklings stepped forward, two on each side.
"Jasshos." she called and a male ore stepped forward.
The drakling carefully made his way toward the aspirants, his eyes landing on Harud and keeping the young man transfixed. Carefully the newly hatched drak spoke the words he'd rehearsed: 
"Nice to meet you, I sshall join you."

trained by Gert & Ore Skawph 
Knight Training


Harud returned to Castle DesCas where he knew Fresia was waiting for him. She had paired at the clutch prior to the one he had paired at and had already returned to Castle DesCas to join one of the armada there. They'd talked about staying at Acicade but neither of them wanted to be far from their families. They knew the area around DesCas and were more used to the warm and dry climate than the temperate forested area of Acicade. 
Now that Jasshos had finished his basic training and was old enough to fly, they were setting off to return to DesCas themselves and Harud for one, couldn't wait to see Fresia again. She had visited when her schedule permitted it, but as her talents had been picked up by High Princess Marysia, those free moments had been far in between. 
"What drak did ssshe pair?" Jasshos asked.
"I think you saw her once when you were still very young. Fresia is the knight of Night Cophis."
Jasshos thought long and hard. There was a vague presence in his mind about a dark female drak with bright golden wings. He had been so sleepy though that he'd hardly been able to focus on her. Well he would see her soon enough anyway. 
"And if you don't love her then so be it." Harud reassured him.
After all there had been prior instances of married people having draks that were not mated to each other. 
"People and draks are free to choose who they love."
"I ssshall take my time to give her the chancze to win my heart." Jasshos concluded. 

Harud and Jasshos joined the Desert Sunset Armada as Prince at DesCas.
Life Mate: Night Cophis (f)

Story - Fresia

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Harud paired at Acicade Castle