Name: Fresia
Age: 19
Gender: female

Description: Fresia has thick black hair she usually keeps tucked away in a tail or braid. She wears glasses which make her deep sea-blue eyes look bigger than they are. Her nose is straight and her face is rather elongated. She has a well-formed mouth which is usually smiling. Fresia is of average height for an Icarian woman.
Personality: Fresia has a very open, easy-going personality. She can find merit in everything and tries to judge no-one before getting the facts straight. She has lived her life trying to do as little wrong as possible. She was one of those children who walked very carefully through a meadow, scared she might crush some flowers/insects. Later in life she developed a large interest in just about every subject. She is content with her life and believes that one should make his/her own luck.
Occupation: Fresia is training to become a teacher.

Family: Fresia is the second child in a family of four. She has one older brother and two younger sisters. Her parents are alive and well and manage a small food shop which specialises in wine and other alcoholic beverages.
Pets: Cyan Saharel Ijka (f)
Drak: Night Cophis (f) from Acicade Castle.


Night was falling and all inside Acicade Castle lights lit up where humans and draks were enjoying their dinner. But then a long deep rumble shook the castle's walls. Progress at last for the people of Acicade and the aspirants waiting to pair. Most of the castle rushed to the deep cavern, trying to get a front row seat for the joyful event of the mind pairing.
Inside the cavern, the aspirants for the draklings gathered. The five of them loitered around the feeding tables. Rackham was the most flamboyant of the five, his big feathery hat firmly on his head. Behind him Yone and Fresia stood together, talking nervously about was about to happen. The two of them had become good friends with their shared interest of studying. Beside them the young messenger Lahgoz looked as if he'd rather run away from all this than to pair this evening. Lastly Kraaje looked determined to pair this evening and get back to her love as fast as she could.
Swiftly, as if to appease the waiting audience, the heavy metal doors to the deep cavern opened with a slight squeal. Out strode Vyreduis, her bright blue hide glowing in the abundant light. Behind her five draklings entered the room below the watchful eye of their father.
The first to move out from behind her mother was black as the night outside. She moved toward the candidates and looked at them as if she was judging each of them. Finally she quietly moved toward Fresia, sitting down beside her and gently placing her muzzle on the woman's hand.
"Cophis." Vyreduis called, "my gentle daughter."


Trained by Kharone and Forest Warencha
Knight & Management training


Fresia waited at the DesCas entrance. She looked at the horizon where she knew Castle Acicade was. She hoped to see a little growing dot that would mean that Harud and his drak Jasshos were approaching. They weren't expecting any other incoming flights, but a stray knight pair might just decided to visit.
"I have far better eyesight than you, my knight." Cophis assured her.
"Let me know if you see them."
"Will do." Cophis nodded and proceeded to stare at the same horizon. 
"Excuse me Princess Fresia?" a man asked, "I have some questions..."
Fresia sighed and decided she might as well do her job as long as she was waiting.
"You might want to wait jusst a bit longer." Cophis suddenly told her, "I sssee a ssilver dot on the horiszon."
"Are you sure?" Fresia called, her work forgotten.
"Definitely. Jasshos sssure hass grown."
"Do you think you'll mate?"
"Did you when you first ssaw Harud?"
"It was his voice that won me over." Fresia said, remembering that lovely moment.
"I'll let you know if it's the sssame for me."

Fresia and Cophis joined the Desert Sunset Armada as at DesCas at Princess.
Life Mate: Ore Jasshos (m)

Story - Harud

All images made by me with images found on the web.
Fresia paired at Acicade Castle.