First Hatching

"Stylishly decorated, and the finest sand on Icarus is gathered here for our eggs." Raf says very proudly. 
You feel the sand and have to admit that it feels very good to the skin.
"We have to give the best for our eggs here." Raf added.
Xander leaned against a wall in the shadows. You can  feel his eyes burning on your back. But you instantly forget when a bright day drak enters the room.
"Welcome!" The drak bowed and walked past you to his bond Xander.
"Xander. Do you know where Nelladuar is?"
"No I don't. Did something happen?"
"Well... I accidently told her that ssshe was pretty."
"Oh no.." Xander said and he looked to his life mate. If there was one thing that you shouldn't say is that the other one is pretty. That would just be your death. Especially now when Nelladuar was with eggs.
"Why don't you give her some flowers? Or perhaps a fly around Icarus by night?"
"That's a good idea." Chrischisen said as he walked away again.
And when the day drak was gone, you feel the pearcing again.
"My rain drak Nelladuar will have our first clutch here. She is around here somewhere. She's very fragile.." Raf went on babeling.
Sighing, you walk away slowly from Raf and to Xander.
"Will he shut up when I enter?"
"Probably.." Xander grinned. That was the first time he had smiled from the moment you arived until now. He has a nice smile with wich you smile with.

Rohn Ruth
Kerun Benn
Juri/25 --


"Our first eggs!" Raf almost swooned as he saw the 5 little eggs under Nelladuar's wing. "When will they be ready?" He asked his rain.
"Too soon.." The rain said, nuzzling her eggs softly. A soft tud sounded in the dark, warm and fuzzy decorated deep caverns. Raf turned around and saw Xander and Chrischisen entering. The day drak softly nuzzled his mate, laying himself next to his partner and the eggs. Xander stood closely next to Raf.
"How many eggs are there?"
"5" Raf almost purred.
Xander smiled, gently leading Raf away from the two draks.

The days passed, making Raf more and more like a pregnant woman. The aspirants came, and all waited eagerly till it was time for the little eggs to reveal their treasure.
It was a warm, gentle night when Raf woke up Xander. He softly whispered, through the puffs: "We're having our babies!" Xander, still half asleep, moaned and turned on his other side. "You have said that for the past 6 days. The draks will wake us when it really is time." His words hadn't turned cold, when both rain and day drak woke up the whole castle. "Oh well, there you have it. It's time." Xander smiled, turning to his mate, but he was already gone.

When Xander joined the two draks and Raf, the rest of the castle was gathering on the main landing sight. "Are all 5 eggs hatched?" Xander asked as he counted the little drak-heads. It was too dark to see the colours. Xander was a little nervous when the 4 of them entered into the light. They all strode to the side, leaving everybody to look at the enterance of the deep caverns. Finally something sturred in the shadows.

The 5 aspirants were all leaning forward as the first drakling came into the light. It was a day drak as his father. The little day went streight towards Rohn, the youngest of the bunch. He gave a slimey lick in Rohn's face, revealing his sharp teeth as he smiled at his new bond. "Upsbenar!" Nelladuar called. The little day drak hid himself behind Rohn. Rohn smiled, showing his dimples.  He gently guided the drak away from the warl sands.

As they left, the next drak entered the lights. This time it was a plant drak. It showed his green colours towards the croud, spreading it's wings. "Feniaren, choose you're aspirant" His mother said sternly. The plant drak glared at them, going slowly over the remaning aspirants. He rested his eyes on Benn. Benn looked at him, crossing his arms. The drak sat down, in the centre of the main cavern. "Fine." Benn said, "Let's go." He nodded towards the foodstand. Feniaren said: "Shhure."

Next up was a Desert drak. The drak gently walked towards Juri. "Hi!" It said.
"Hello." Juri said, patting the drak on his flank.
"Will you stay long enough for my training?"
"Of course! I don't think i'll get bored with you around." He winked at the little drak. As they left the grounds, Nelladuar said his name: "Woovaren"

The last two draks came out of the shadows together, it was a water drak and a mud drak. Both of them looked at the remaning aspirants. The desert drak walked slowly towards Kerun. The little drak wrapped his tail around him saying: "I'll protect you when you're getting the blame."
"Thanks" Kerun smiled, hugging the little drak. Nelladuar called out the desert's name: "Jushiaren."

The water drak was the last to stand on the warm sands. It softly whispered: "I saw you from the start. It didn't mater that my brothers and sister were first to go. I knew you would be mine." It softly placed her head on Ruth's hands. Ruth gently stroke the little draks fur.

"It was all so beautifull" Xander sighed as they were cleaning up the shells. Raf sighed happily. "It was, wasn't it."

Rohn and Day Upsbenar (f) - Trained by Wim and Mud Fregiki

Benn and Plant Feniaren (m) - Trained by Gunnar and Desert Phakios

Ruth and water Qiklenar (f) - Trained by Hael and Night Lu´kios

Juri and Desert Woovaren (m) - Trained by Corilyn and Rain Meyanal

Kerun and mud Jushiaren (m) - Trained by Xaedan and Fire Reenkios

Deep Caverns