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Name: Febe Sera
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Description: Febe is a tall, dark-skinned woman with bright orange hair with lighter blond streaks. Her brown eyes look friendly but her large nose, broad shoulders and muscled limbs give off a sense of danger and power. Febe often dresses in bright clothes but she absolutely adores her feathered coat. She made it herself from Teryx feathers.  
Personality: Febe is a protective, matronly type. People always startle when they see her handing out food or helping the local children find a pet. But that's juts who Febe is. She is approachable, dependable and all about the community. She is fiercely protective of her village and would make a good deputy, but she's never asked to become one. She enjoys being around people and animals and would much prefer to work in those lines. 
Short Bio: Febe was raised in a family where women dominated the house. Both her mother and grandmother kept a tight hold on the household and with her aunts close by, Febe never had to worry about getting into trouble. She learned to always keep an eye out for those weaker and to help people in need. 
Hobbies: Raising injured animals. 

Pets: She tries to release those animals that are healed. 
Drak: Fire Naniosor (f) from The Refugium (birthday gift)


Naniosor flew across the sea of the homeplanet of her mother. Her father had been a feathered dragon, giving her feathers but the rest of her was pretty standard drak from her lush fur - her mother was an agora drak after all - to her double sets of wings and her horns.  Her golden hide and reddish-pink wings gave her the look of a sky at sunset, ablaze with the sun's last rays. 
The fire drak had grown up on stories from Icarus and now that she was an adult, she finally wanted to take the trip that she'd always wanted. There was nothing really binding her to the Refugium aside from her parents. She had no job, no mate and no purpose. But somehow Naniosor felt like destiny was waiting for her here. 
As the sun dropped behind the horizon and the sky darkened, Naiosor landed on a sandy beach. The salty water of the sea lapped calmly at the shore. The air temperature was pleasant and the place looked sheltered enough to use as a place to camp. There was little she was afraid of. She was after all a drak, capable of spitting acid and portaling to safety. Not to mention she had a little something extra from her sire's side of the family. 
Before Naniosor could install herself in a sandy burrow however, her peace was disturbed by loud rustling. 
"Who's there?" Naniosor called because only a human could make so much noise. 
A dark-skinned human woman came out of the bushes and introduced herself:
"Febe Sera." she said, "I'm sorry to disturb your time on the beach, I was looking for a wayward spider."
"Good luck finding one." Naniosor smiled, thinking the woman was talking about the tiny spiders she knew from home.
"Oh, they're quite happy to come to humans." Febe said, 'They're not very cautious."
The two of them settled in the sand and Febe lit a camp fire.
"There's little sense in me going back to the village now." Febe told the drak, "I'd only disturb the villages."
Somehow, Naniosor also got the idea the woman was keeping her company. Maybe she'd recognised a bit of loneliness in the drak or the unease of being in an unfamiliar place. Either way, Naniosor had to admit she was glad with the company so she would not question the woman's motives. 
The night wore on but neither woman nor drak seemed to want to go to sleep. They talked and got to know each other, finding many instances where they agreed. When they did drift off, it was already close to dawn. And when Naniosor woke up several hours later, it was to the unusual sight of a spider larger than any she'd ever seen before.
"Oh good!" Febe called, "You've found him. Jurgen will be so happy we found his pet."
"I wasn't expecting one this size..." Naniosor remarked.
"Well this one is still a baby." Febe said.
"How peculiar." 
"Would you like to visit or village?" Febe asked, "The kids would love to meet you."
"I guess it wouldn't be bad to spend some time here." Naniosor agreed. 
After all, this all felt so right. It was almost like she had come home and Naniosor very much liked that feeling. 

Name: Naniosor Filidethersalyin
Gender: Female
Species: Drak Mutt
Colour: Fire
Parents: Alor x Helios 
     *Verbal Speech
     *Rapid Language Learning
     *Summon Fire Elemental
     *Acid Spit

Naniosor stretched her wings and dove down the cliff that was shrouded in clouds. The vertical drop seemed to go on forever but the fire half-drak knew that that wasn't the case. She pulled up in time and slowed down to land, enjoying the thrill of the sudden drop in speed as her stomach lurched. 
A little bit away, her knight was waiting for her. 
"Did you get it?" Febe asked.
"I did." Naniosor replied and dropped the bag with Febe's tools.
Febe quickly found the items she needed and then started working, tending to an injured bird. Febe was like that, she could not leave injured animals alone. It hadn't been all that long since the duo had left Icarus, looking for new horizons. The time they'd spent at Dawn Castle had been amazing but the quiet life had proven a bit too boring for the falconeer and her fire drak. 
Currently they had found residence at WindChill, the settlement was only getting started. Febe had been welcomed for her many talents and she was kept well and busy. Naniosor foresaw that they would stick around for some years to come. That suited her just fine, maybe she would have the time to look into having some mating flights, maybe even pick up a permanent mate. A girl could dream. 

Febe and Naniosor joined the Snow Armada at Windchill Castle
Mate: ??


Lantessama Isle