The Rules

1. You must have a webpage prepaired before you fill out the form. On that webpage has to be a persona and a story of how he/she/it got to Icarus.
2. Please have a link back to Chindor Castle. 
3. Your aspirant has to be the equivalent of 16 years and can only have 3 pets within. It takes a lot of time to take care of a drak.
4. The name of your drak is chosen by it's mother and therefor can not be changed. You may suggest the first letter of your draks name, I won't be difficult about it.
5. Draks pair to the aspirant they feel is right for them in character, so some male aspirants may pair of with a female and vice versa.
6.  The images you recieve were drawn by my sister and thus can not be altered in any way exept html resising and flipping. If you want to do anything else with them, please email me and I will say if you can.
7. Please join the Icarus Forum if you want to be alerted about clutches, hatchings and growths.
8. If your drak participates in a flight outside Icarus please email me so I can add it to the Genealogy.


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