Chindor Castle is situated on a small Island in the vast Ocean of Icarus. It is a relatively young castle that was built to protect the people that were to colonise these isles. Soon rumours began to spread. On one of the isles, the smallest one were the Castle had been built, a strange drak could be seen on foggy mornings.
For a long time these rumours were unverified and thought to be drunken hallucinations. Then the High Prince of the then unnamed Castle, Ulf, saw the drak himself. It was certainly strange. The drak, female, was a light blue with grey as if a cross between a water and a rain (which is of course impossible) and feathered wings. She soared high when she saw him and seemed to vanish in the mists of the morning. No-one dared question the former Viking with his clear vision and able mind.
The Island was searched for days, but no-one could find the drak. All the search lead to was a narrow valley between two high cliffs. There the search party could have sworn they heard a word, only briefly, that could not be the wind raging through the cliffs.
"Chindor." was whispered.
From that moment the Island was named Chindor's Isle and the Castle became Chindor Castle. But still the mysterious drak can only be seen in the very early morning, when the mists still haven't risen and the clouds are hanging low.



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