The 5th Hatching

"Finally!" Ulf started his speech. "After a long time, we are back to hatching clutches and accepting aspirants."
"The little clutch of 5 eggs has hatched overnight, and is ready for the aspirants. After the impression, there is a party of course." Scareh added

"Welcome." Paggenis said as she strode, head high, towards the aspirants and vieuwers. Leaving her little ones in the dark deep cavern. There were some little squeeks from the little draklings as they were arguing wich of them could impress first.
Paggenis sighed a little, turning round towards the entrance of the deep cavern and softly roaring as she called out the first name of her young. 

"Fuurisaw!" The mother ore drak called out. Soon after the first drakling entered the main cavern. It was a bright fire drak. As it stood still, right in front of the aspirants, showing off his colours, it looked straight into the eyes of Shiam. Shiam looked back silently, not even blinking. The vampire then grinned at the drakling. The fire wobbled towards Shiam and said: "Do not try to suck my blood, and we'll be good friends."
"Don't you worry." Shiam said as he guided his drak towards the feedingstand.

Paggenis looked at the two, shook her head and called out the next drakling: "Wallendisaw!" A little night drak entered the bright sunlight. It didn't take him long to decide who he wanted. He went directly towards Jihan. They didn't really talk to each other, they just accepted each other and went on with their lifes, together now.

The mother drak called out the next drakling: "Odennarylawis!" Now a brown and green forest drak entered the grounds, and happily smiled and wobbled towards the aspirants. 3 aspirants were remaining. It didn't take her long before she made her pick. "I want you, Talia."
Talia smiled back softly as she hugged her drak and joined the other already impressed aspirants.

The next drak Paggenis called out was a wind drak named Feymilawis. The little drak danced gently towards the two remaining aspirants. Making a big bow before Tjenzina. "You dance really well." Tjen said.
"Of course." The little wind drak said "I've been dancing from the moment i was more then a few cells in my egg."

The last drak, Caralisaw was like his mother an ore drak. The little drak went to the last remaining aspirant Brian. "I'm so lucky you're still here." The ore said.
"Of course. Where else would I be?"

Tjenzina and Wind Feymilawis trained by Zana and Wind Enaki (welcomer)
Brian and ore Caralisaw
trained by Eric and Earth Mardini (knight defence)
Shiam and fire Fuurisaw
trained by Jessy and Night Fridhaix (guard/ninja)
Jihan and night Wallendisaw
trained by Lunto and Earth Baushun (knight exploring)
Talia and forest Odennarylawis
trained by Marieke and ore Pagennis (hospital)


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