The Armadas

The armadas are named after the old runes the two leaders know so well. Besides the runic name they have a second, more clearer one, displaying the meaning of the rune. 
The most draks in the Chindor Armadas were all characters made by me... but if you want to add one of your knights to Chindor, please contact me.

Fehu Armada
Armada of the very beginning
This is the armada with the High Princess and Prince, judges and main trainer.

Mannaz Armada
Armada of explorations and curiosity
The Mannaz Armada is a small armada that patroles the isles unseen and warns the greater fighting force at the castle if there is danger.

Jera Armada
Viking Pride Armada
The first fighting armada that guards the isles against the horrid nex necii.

Ac Armada
Armada of basic professions
In this armada you can find every member of Chindor castle that wasn't in the previos ones

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