Stemdaorin (Ste'in)

Name: Stemdaorin
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Description: Stemdaorin is a strong young man with an athletic build and well-defined muscles. He has short but very curly red-brown hair, brown eyes, a straight nose and high cheekbones. He likes wearing bright colours because the children love it. 
Personality: Stemdaorin is fun-loving and excitable. He works well with children because he's just a big kid on the inside anyway. He has a sense of responsibility and knows when to be stern, but if he can, he will indulge the youngsters. He is outgoing and loud and won't be missed when he is in a room. 
Short Bio: Stemdaorin lost his father when he was young. His mother and several family members and friends, helped raise him, meaning he moved around a lot. He has no problem adjusting to new places and won't be shy about asking for what he needs. Because kids love him, he just naturally gravitated toward being asked to babysit. Stemdaorin isn't exactly passionate about the task but it's not like he hates babysitting so he's running with it. Lately he's been paired up with Rikarendo a lot. The guy is seriously a stick in the mud and needs to get out more. But he is someone who keeps his promises so Stemdaorin is not complaining (yet). 
Hobbies: Stemdaorin loves singing (but does it badly) and is trying to learn to play an instrument

Pets: Brown Rudy (m) and Green Elfy (f) from Isla Weyr
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr





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