Rikarendo (Ri'o)

Name: Rikarendo
Gender: Male
Age: 16 

Description: Rikarendo has a dark, chocolate complexion. He has long brown hair he keeps tied back, brown eyes, a wide nose and a pointed chin. He is on the taller side but not very muscular. He usually wears darker colours so he doesn't stick out.
Personality: Rikarendo is a quiet but considerate young man. He is very patient and steadfast, completing his tasks in order of urgency. He doesn't crumble under pressure, only grows more focused. He has a tendency to talk to himself for both encouragement and chastisement which has earned him some weird looks over the years but he really doesn't mind what others think of him.. 
Short Bio: Rikarendo was raised in a large family and learned early that he has a knack for taking care of children. So it was only natural that as an older teen he got asked to watch over the younger children a lot. Lately he's been paired up with Stemdaorin a lot for the task. Rikarendo isn't quite fond of the loud, obnoxious - slightly older and therefore in charge - young man but he's keeping in his animosity because the kids like him and he hasn't caused any trouble (yet).
Hobbies: Rikarendo enjoys walking after a stressful/busy day, he has a fondness for water (rivers, ponds). 

Pets: White Conchi (m) from Isla Weyr
Bond: ??? from Isla Weyr





Lantessama Isle