Ulf was becoming a strong man and he, as well as all the other children of his age, were to learn the Viking Laws.
He didn’t like them. Every time saying the same sentences. Every day… He really would rather be fishing or something like that. But everybody had to do it..
‘Ulf say the 5 laws when we think of “Be Prepared”
Ulf started to repeat them.
’The first was Keep weapons in good condition.
The second: Keep in shape
The third: Find good battle comrades
the forth: Agree on important points
and the last law was: Choose one chief.’
The teacher asked to another student what the five laws of “Keep the camp in order”. But Ulf dozed off. He knew all the laws already and wanted something else. Some big adventure or something. Sailing till the end of the world and even further. He knew that he could go on with sailing till the end of his days. But that wasn’t so smart either. How would he eat? By fish alone? What if he didn’t find any fish? Or if there was a storm.. Ok he could handle a storm. But he knew that he couldn’t compete with Mother Nature.
The sound of the dinner bell rang through the class. The class itself was a wooden building in the centre of the town, with decoration of dragon heads and the town’s sign on a flag waved 
into the wind.  Inside there were some tables of dark wood and seats in the same sort of wood. They weren’t comfortable though. He was lucky to be a boy he thought. Every boy had to school indeed. But after that he could sail, or settle down. When a girl was born; her whole life was planned before she could decide if she liked it..
He shock his head so he could focus his thoughts on 
leaving the classroom. But this was all so boring. He loved the smell of danger, the excitement of it. He sighed, knowing that he would have to wait.. Or maybe he didn’t have to. He was old enough to be responsible for his own actions. And soon he would finish school too...
He could as well make that trip. But there was time
 to think of that later… Now he had to go eat.
He walked trough the town talking with his friends, or rather pretending listening to what they were saying, when he noticed a little girl. ‘I’m going to the toilet.. I’ll meet you at the dinner table.. Keep a spot open for me will you?’ His friends nodded and left.
Ulf pretended to go to the toilets but as he saw that there was nobody looking he went to the little girl.
He came near her and noticed that she wasn’t as little as he had thought. She was about 18 years old; just 2 years younger than Ulf himself. She had her face covered in her hands and her shoulders were shaking. She was crying. Ulf sat next to her and asked her friendly: ‘What’s the matter?’ He wondered why he was so nice to her. Maybe it was because he didn’t like to see a girl crying. Or maybe he was beginning to soften up.. But that couldn’t be it…
The girl didn’t say anything. Ulf asked again: ‘Why are you crying? And don’t think I will leave you alone until I know what is wrong..’
The girl looked up. Her hair, that stuck to her face because of her tears, was blond and it curled just a little bit. Her eyes, red of crying, were the most beautiful he had ever seen. They were light blue and her soft skin was darker
, then normal people here, from the sun. Ulf didn’t want to admit it but he fell in love with her from that moment.
‘My parents have decided that I am to be married Asgard.’ She covered her face again.
Ulf knew who she meant. He was a big bully and he didn’t deserve her at all. He was the son of the richest people in the town. That is why he could do anything he wanted. If he set his 
eyes on something he would get it one way or another. He was really annoying. Why could her parents do something like that? Didn’t they love their daughter?
’I’m sorry… Is there anything I can do for you?’ He asked feeling sorry for the girl. Nobody deserved Asgard.. Not even the worst people here.
’There is nothing that can be done. I have to marry him and force myself to 
marrie him.’
’Don’t say that. There is always a way!’
 the fire of adventure lighted his heart as he saw the girl.
’I shouldn’t have told you this.. I’m sorry.. I have to go now. I’m really sorry that I bothered you with it.’ She stood up and wanted to leave 
but Ulf took her arm and pulled her close to him. The girl started to cry. It seemed that she couldn’t stop. But then after some time she pulled herself out of his embrace and looked him staid in the eye. Her expression had changed. Her eyes had been sad before but after the embrace her eyes were strong. A little fire was burning in them. Ulf looked back in them, drowning in her blue eyes. He didn’t understand her at first but after a moment he heard her.
’You are the son of the boatmen..’ She said. ‘Give me a ship and let me go.’
’It isn’t that simple.. Do you know how to sail?’
The girl thought of that for a moment and th
en had to admit that she couldn’t sail. ‘What am I going to do then?’ She asked in despair. ‘I’m not going to marry Asgard. I will marry who I chose and who I love!’ She had became angry with the world and everything in it. ‘I rather die then give him children.’ She shivered by the thought.
Ulf was thinking of a way he could help her. He couldn’t think of anything. And then his memories went back to the daydream he had had. ‘What is your name?’ He remembered that he didn’t know that. And if he was about to help her he would at least want to know her name. They were going to be on a ship for quite some time.
’My name? Why do you want to know my name?’
’Because I want to help you.. But I first want to know your name before I tell my plan.’
’Scareh.’ She said, with a little doubt in her voice.
’My name is Ulf. Now I will tell you my plan.’ He told her about his wish and longing for adventure. Andthat she should come with him. He told her that he wasn’t as bad as Asgard. And if she really wanted to get away that she should have to trust him.
After a long conversation she agreed. Scareh seemed to be convinced.
’Come back here over 3 days, that morning. Say goodbye to your family and take only what you need. No more.’
’Thank you Ulf. You’re my gaurdian angel...’ She kissed him on the cheek. Ulf watched her go into the night. They had talked for many hours. And he was really hungry. He hadn’t ate for lunch and even diner.
He went of to find some food and as he looked around he saw Asgard. He sneaked close to him. Asgard was talking to somebody Ulf couldn’t see. The stranger stood in the shadows and Ulf only saw a shape.
’… Scareh?’ Asgard asked.
’Yes I do know her. Who doesn’t?’ the strange man asked.
’That doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that she is the prettiest thing here.’
Ulf noticed that they were talking about Scareh as if she was just some sort of thing, a toy. Ulf was angry that they dared to talk about her that way. But he didn’t do anything except listening because he knew that if he would hit Asgard he would get in real trouble.
’And her parents have agreed to let her marry me! She will bare my children and still be pretty. She will obay my orders and every time I come home I will be in a clean house with my children.’ He had their future all planned out. Ulf couldn’t listen to it anymore and he wanted to go away when he heard the other man speak.
’When are you and your pretty wife going to get married?’
’From this day 3 days. That morning.’
That was the same time as when they had agreed to leave. They had to leave earlier. But how was he going to let Scareh know? 
Ulf went home and went strait to bed. He had lost his hunger and wanted to talk to Scareh. But that wasn’t possible. It had to be a secret. And he didn’t know where she lived.


One day passed and he hadn’t seen Scareh. If he would wait another day he would be to late or everything would be in a hurry. And then they would forget something.
He didn’t know what to do. He walked through the whole village; hoping he would see her and tell her.
He went to there meating point and stayed there for over an hour. Still no sign of her. He was beginning to lose hope when he heard somebody said something to him.
’Sir. I come in the name of Scareh. She told me to come here and wait for you.’ Ulf wanted to interrupted her but she made a gesture that made him clear that he needed to stop talking and listen to her. ‘She has been captured by Asgard. He came after her plan to leave this place. She is taken to his house, in a shed. Help her kind sir…’ She begged him. Ulf told her that everything was going to be al right. Then Ulf went to his fathers workplace. There he took a hammer and a rope and some other things that may come in handy. He left again, went straight to the house of Asgard.


It was dark when he came near the house. Ulf saw Asgard coming from a shed behind the house. His lip was torn and he had some scars on his arm. Asgard turned to face the shed and yelled: ‘You will be my wife!’ You will marry me tomorrow!’ Then he spitted out some blood and went inside. So there she was. Locked up as an animal.  Ulf became angry. But he waited long enough. He wanted to be sure that Asgard wasn’t going to follow them. 
He sneaked to the shed and he heard a banning noise. He used his hammer and opened the shed. It had been locked carefully; but Ulf wasn’t weak and he could easily brake the lock. He opened the door and there he saw Scareh. Her hands were bounded together with a piece of rope. Her mouth was covered too, so that she wouldn’t make to much noise. As she saw that the door opened she moved to the back of 
the room; or at least she tried to. She could hardly move herself. Ulf walked quickly into the small light of the shed and as Scareh saw him she started to shake and to cry.  He walked quickly to her. They had to move quickly now..
He picked her up and swung her over his shoulder. She was light as a feather. She was shaking heavily. Ulf ran in to the woods near the house and there waited a few seconds. He took the rope and piece of cloth from her hands and mouth and then she hugged him. He covered her with a blanked that he had taken with him. She looked with her blue eyes to him. Ulf could see that she was grateful. But as she wanted to speak; Ulf heard some footsteps in the forest.
’What are you doing here?’ Ulf recognised the voice. It was the same voice as the man in the shadow. But he wasn’t the only one who knew that voice. Scareh knew him too.
’Leave me alone!’ Scareh screamed. Ulf didn’t think; just picked her up and ran out of the forest straight to the harbour.


When he got to the harbour Scareh was able to walk herself. Ulf took her hand and guided her trough the village to the beach. There was a ship of his dad. He knew that he would get into trouble for taking that ship; but it didn’t really matter.. They weren’t really coming back so…
Ulf saw the ship he wanted. It was the fastest in these parts. He ran into the water but then stopped. Scareh wasn’t following him in the water. She looked so scared.
’Come with me.. If they catch you…’ Ulf didn’t finish his sentence. He saw that the man of the shadow was behind Scareh. Ulf saw something bickering. It was a knife. Was he going to hurt her? Ulf decided that he wasn’t going to wait for that.
’Stop there!’ The man said.
’I wasn’t running anymore!’ Ulf said then remembering that the man had a knife on Scareh.
’Don’t come any closer or …’ He pricked Scareh in her side.
What was Ulf to do? He couldn’t run towards her.. Nor leave her. But then he saw something move towards the man. He hadn’t seen it. Ulf started to talk to the man so that he wouldn’t notice the moving thing.
’Who are you? I have seen you twice now..’
’I am somebody very powerful. You don’t need to know more!’
’Why? I have a right to know!’
’Why are you talking to me anywa…..’ The moving had stopped and had hit the shadow man with a bottle.
’Run Ulf.. Take Scareh with you and make sure she’ll be alright. I’m her brother..’
Ulf didn’t want to stay any longer. He nodded to her brother and grabbed Scareh. He practically trew her in the boat. He went after her in the boat and they left.

They had stopped in different towns for some food and drinks. Then they went away from the shore and into the open sea.
‘Nobody has ever come back from such a trip..’ Ulf said to Scareh. Scareh was better now, she was over the shock but she wouldn’t talk about what had happened that night. Maybe it was for the better…
‘It doesn’t really matter.. We can’t go back. So we can better try it.’ She smiled at Ulf.
’You’re right!’


A day went into a night and a night back into a day. Time passed slowly as they went further into the open sea. We’re still not death.. Ulf thought.
’I don’t think there will be an end to this trip..’ Scareh had said one time looking over the boat to the horizon. As far as they could see was sea, nothing more, nothing less.


A month had passed and they still hadn’t reached the end of the world.
’And you were sure that there is an end to the world?’ Scareh asked him.
’I learned that yes.. But I wanted to find out..’ As he said that he noticed that the current was becoming heavier. It was getting harder to hold the ship in the right direction..
’Ulf! Look there!’ Scareh jelled. She seemed a bit scared. Ulf looked at the direction she pointed and then he saw it too. The sea stopped suddenly reviling a black hole. Ulf gathered his thought and strength with his sailing; but it was too late… They were sucked into the black hole and a fight would have been useless. Ulf jumped to Scareh and hold her close; protecting her for what may come.
They were pulled out of the ship and were spinned around and around. Ulf had opened his eyes for a few seconds and he had seen his ship, going around and around too. Where were they going? Ulf pulled Scareh even closer against him.
As suddenly as the black hole had started it stopped again. It was a light and warm day, no clouds in the sky. Ulf and Scareh fell in another sea and there ship fell on a island. It smashed against it and nothing remained of the ship. Only wood and the sail. Ulf swam to the shore and pulled himself on it, with Scareh.
Ulf screamed for help because she was looking so pail. He couldn’t do anything. He had fail to protect her..
Out of nothing 2 large creatures appeared one was green; the other brown. They landed almost next to Ulf and 2 people jumped off and ran towards them. They had a funny dialect; but he could understand them. They were saying that they were going to help. They pulled them from each other and Ulf was seated on one of the creatures, the brown one; Scareh on the other.
But Scareh and her ride were going in another direction.. Ulf started to fight with the person of his creature. He wanted to go with Scareh, but it went black before his eyes. The rider had hit him so that he would be calm.


Ulf became awake. He was lying on a bed. At first he thought he couldn’t move, the next thought was that he was still sleeping and it had all been a bad dream. But it was to life like to be a dream. And deep down he knew it wasn’t a dream.
He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He wanted to get up; but somebody hold him down. He wanted to fight again; but his arms were tied up.
’Are you willing to listen?’
’What have you done with Scareh?’ Ulf was pulling to get his arms loose.
’Is that the name of the girl? We are taking care of her in Castle Descas. She’s all right.’
’Where am I?’
’You’re in Castle Decorvo. Welcome.’
’Let me go. I promised to take care of her…’
’We can’t really let you go. If you would listen? We; Castle Descas and Caslte Decorvo, would like to have you and that girl; Scareh; to become aspirants. We have but few and our eggs are ready to hatch. If you will help us..’
’We can’t keep you hear against your will. But Please consider it.’
’What did Scareh want?’
’She is willing to be an aspirant. I’m sorry for the way we have treated you; but you were about to fall of one of our draks.’
’Draks? Was that the large creature?’
’Can I send a message to Scareh? To keep in touch with her?’
’Yes; but you have to stay here.. We can’t really say when the eggs will hatch and you need to be ready.’
The girl left. He hadn’t asked her name or even looked at her properly. He didn’t really care. He had failed his task. That was the worst thing somebody could do.
He came out of bed and searched for a piece of paper and something to write with.

Dear Scareh,
I just want to let you know that I’m really sorry for leaving you. I hope you will forgive me.. I fought for you; but they wouldn’t let me go. So I hope you will find it in your hart to forgive me.

That was all he wrote to her. He called for somebody and he took of with his letter. Only half an hour later the same person came back and he gave Ulf a letter from Scareh. Her handwriting was a bit shaky; but that was understandably if she wasn’t trained like him.

My dearest Ulf,
How could I be mad at you? If it wasn’t for you I would be married to Asgard and be miserable for the rest of my life. I’m very glad you wanted to do this for me.
They have taken very good care of me. I’ve learned a lot in the past few days.
There are draks here and they listen to people!
It would be so great to have one of my own. I love them already.
There are only 
5 real castles and 1 that is being made. So little…
I was wondering how it would be to make the total count of castle into 
7 in stead of 6.
Wouldn’t that be great?
We could do it on the island where our ship shattered. Let me know if you want to..
It would mean so much for me.

Ulf didn’t know for what he had to be happy first. For one, Scareh wasn’t angry with him. Secondly.. She wanted to start a castle with him!
He wrote on another piece of paper his very short answer “Yes”. Also that he thought it would be a wonderful idea. 
Time passed slowly being alone. He talked to Scareh by letter and her handwriting improved much. Then he got a letter saying that Scareh had impressed a Drak. He would be next…

Ulf impressed Ore Realeien (m) at DeCorvo

Scareh's Story