High Knight of Healing

Name Hael L'esex
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Appearance Hael has already some grey in his raven black hair. He doesn't mind though. He thinks it is a sign of wisdom.
Hael is a well build and trained, tanned man where every girl dreams of.
He has medium length hair with a little curl in it. a fabulous smile and a great personality.
He has little round glasses that suits him extremely well.
He is a leader, but will never step in the spotlight. He is more of an advisor with great ideas and then smiles when his pupil is taking al the gratitude.
Hael loves his job and would never want to trade it for anything else.
He's very calm and will always go over everything before he will do something.
Task at Dawn Castle Head of the hospital
Hobbies He loves working in the garden of Dawn Castle where he has planted his herbs. He also loves to make potions and medicines with them.
Social Live married to Corilyn
Pets Hael has adopted a spider from Acicade castle. His spider loves to hang in a corner in the hospital where the sun hits his hairy body just right.
He also loves to wonder around in the garden and eat yummy snacks there

Hael grew up in a family filled with doctors. And it was rather decided even before he was born that he would be a doctor. He doesn't mind because he loves the job. But he's really happy that he went to Icarus and didn't stay on Earth to work in a real hospital.
It was on his first day that he met Corilyn and instantly fell in love with. He cared for her as he would for his other patients, but she was special. Sleeping so calmly.. He would sit next to her bed when she was still passed out and would wait pationatly. Spin (his spider) loved to hang just above her in a pretty woven web.
Homeworld Earth


The Drak
Name Night Lu´kios
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent
Homeworld Chindor Castle
Life mate Rain Meyanal

Heal is standing at Chindor Castle
Spin came from Acicade Castle
Background came from here