High Knight of Exploration

Name Corilyn Frijd
Age 21 years
Gender Female
Appearance Corilyn has brown, long hair that's always hanging on her back. She is rather tall and doesn't like to be the centre of the attention.
She always has a healthy blush on her apple cheeks and a really nice smile that makes everybody happy.
Because she doesn't like to stand out much, she dresses in brown of grey. She will always try to get away from crowded places.
Perhaps it all is because of her training at Descas Castle. (She learned there from the master Lloyd.)
She is really good at sneaking and loves to scare those who she knows really well. She's completely different once you get to know her. Where she once was silent, she then is extravert and laughing and talking a lot.
Task at Dawn Castle Exploring mainly. She helps Aaryn with defence as well and if she has any free time left, she helps Hael with his work.
Hobbies She doesn't really have any hobbies, she's to busy with helping her friends.
Social Live Married to Hael
Pets She has a fairy drak that loves to shriek from time to time and with that put a big arrow in the air with "here she is" on it.
Although Corilyn has tried to learn Olieken when to be silent, she's to excited and can't help it.

Corilyn grew up as an only child with her dad. She never knew her mother, and doesn't really care as well. She's happy this way. Her father is getting old, and Corilyn made sure that he would be safe in Dawn Castle. She went there when Dawn castle was still under construction, and spoke to both Raf and Xander. Both men smiled and made sure that he got the best room with a great vieuw.
And for thanks, Corilyn started working in Dawn castle.
When she was helping Aaryn with something, it blew up and Corilyn was hit with a machine part. And that was when she met her husband to be.
She passed out in his arms, and never went away after she woke up again.
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Rain Meyanal
Age Hatchling


Hatching Story
Corilyn approached him next, a dainty rain drakling at her side. "Umm, excuse me," She said, and Lian looked up at her, puzzled and a little irritated at being interrupted. "I thought you'd want to know what I Paired." She explained.
Lian blinked. "Oh. Yeah, okay." He said, dragging his mind back to his job.
"Well, I'm Corilyn, and this is my drak, Meyanal." She said, gesturing to the rain drakling with pride evident in her voice.
"Pleasssed to meet you." Meyanal piped up cheerfully.
Corilyn was very proud to see this little drak wobbling next to her. She felt that Meyanal would be a great explorer once she was old enough, because now, she was just a little clumbsy

Corilyn had stayed long enough on Drockh-Tallahn castle. it was time for both of them to leave and go back to Dawn Castle. She wanted to get back to Heal and start working again on the new castle and making everything go smooth.

Homeworld Drockh-Tallahn Castle
Life mate Night Lu´kios

Corilyn is standing at Drockh-Tallahn Castle
Olieken came from Castle Descas

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