Old Futhark


Laguz went away when his mother had died a few years back. He was 15 years then. Too young to really understand the real world.
He had been lucky that an old wealthy sailor, with no heirs, took him in and learned him everything he knew.
Laguz started to see him as a father and even started to forget about his miserably youth. But then the old sailor died.
He sat next to the old man when he was spending his last hours.
"Laguz.. Iím giving everything to you. Make me proud." He whispered in his last breath.
Between his tears, Laguz mumbled a "I promised" and then the old man died.

Time passed slowly for Laguz then. He had a home now and even a good business. But he missed something. He missed his brothers. He loved the sea and sailing, but he couldnít help stop thinking of them.

And they showed up on his doorstep. Both of them, they were so changed over the years. They were all grown up, but so was he.
Come in, he had said. And then they asked him the most horrible thing that he had ever heard. "Come back home with us."
No.. Laguz said. No he thought. But was he doing the right thing? He had promised to make him proud. But how? He couldnít leave everything that he had tried to achieve. He couldnít drop everything for Uruz.
He let Ansuz and Inguz sleep their for a week, even more if they wanted to, but they were going home.

It had been a week, and Laguz couldnít sleep. Tossing and turning, he struggled with his choice. And at one night, he got up and put his close on.
He grabbed a horse and started riding to catch up his brothers.

It was only a day before they got home, that he caught up.
"Sorry that I was so hard."
"Thatís ok. You can always go back later."
"I wonít hesitate." Laguz had let the care to his first mate. A very good man that he trusted completely.

When they got home, the farm was a ruin, and he was shocked when he saw his father. He was so weak, and pathetic even.
Wondering how he got this way, he listened to the conversation between his brother and his father.
Ansuz waved at him to make clear that he needed help with his father getting outside.

The air did his father some good, but it seemed that it was far from over. He wondered if he could show his father any sympathy. But apparently he could. His father had done all those things in their past for a reason. Good or bad, it didn't really matter anymore.

They all were summoned to the army. Laguz didn't want to go really. His hands were busy with the care of the land and his father, and he secretly wanted to go home, because how much his father would change, the harbour would be his home and not this land.
But Ansuz persuade him into going. He was under the command of Theiwaz. It seemed that he wasn't really made for war and combat, but he was a good leader when it came to talking, reacting and other finer art then just fighting.
His trained arms made it rather easy for him to fight with a sword. But he knew his brother was suffering from all this. He only said what was really needed and only to Ansuz and him. He was silent to others, but Laguz couldn't help but hear him cry in the middle of the night when he thought nobody could hear him. 
Laguz didn't say anything about it. He didn't want his brother as an anomy. What he did say was that he was always their for him, but Inguz had done nothing. Laguz thought he would have his reasons, and waited patiently.

Their father almost broke down when they told him that they were going to war. But as Ansuz had said, they had made a commitment.

They all left, and he road next to his brother. When a dragon appeared in front of the whole troop, he saw his brother smile for the first time since their mother had died, and he knew that whatever was in their future, it would be alright.



Laguz impressed at Lantessama

This year's Lantessaman Winter was void of snow, like usual. But that hadn't stopped Lucas from using all the draconic abilities he had to his disposal to decorate his holiday cavern. The inside of the smaller one of the two hatching caverns in the middle mountain was plastered with ice. Snow crackled below his feet and his breath made little clouds in the air. It didn't matter that a few winter season and a couple of assembled winter-type dragons were grumbling and sending out bad karma when the end result looked like this. It was snow!
Lucas smiled, relaxed and took a seat from which he'd have a good view. Now all he needed were for the candidates to show up. 8 there were for this clutch. It was a good number for this time of year and Lucas felt confident that all of them would impress.
Candidates and spectators filed in, as did the other Laedrysses and a few other Lantessaman officials. When everyone was seated Lucas signaled for the lights to be dimmed and then the entire cave bathed in a faint icy blue sheen. As the temperature dropped, the eggs in the center of the cavern, buried in snow and ice, started to show signs of hatching.
The first one to actually hatch was one of the eggs at the edge of the circle of snow. A green-yellow head, resembling the gem peridot, popped out of the snow, followed by feathered wings and a sleek body. The hatchling, a male, shook the snow from his back and tail and then sat down cleaning his paws. Only when he'd finished that did he move toward the candidates.
Two more eggs hatched. Another one from the edge of the mound of snow yielded a bright green male dragon. The one that'd hatched from deeper into the mound was cyan in color.
The jade green hatchling had waited for his sister to hatch, but now he too was impatient to bond. He swished his tail, scraping the snow of some of the eggs buried in snow, causing cracks to form on their fragile shell. Ignoring what consequences his actions had made, the dragon moved toward Laguz, one of the runic warriors.
"My name is Gefjun Lof." he said, "I want to fight."
"Maybe later." Laguz grinned, "You're eager, but we'll need to train first."
One of the eggs that had been disturbed by Lof crackled and shattered into dust. Or ice. The hatchling that emerged from the snow was female and her hide a rich indigo blue. 
Two more eggs had hatched as Senua left the patch of soft snow that held them. The two had been hidden close together, confusing the hatchlings about which limbs and wings were their own. 
The last two eggs hatched in close succession, sending small clouds of fine snow in the air. Two faint-colored tails rose up from the snow, followed by heads, limbs, wings and body. Only when the two hatchlings were out of the snow did it become clear that they had a different color. The first, a male was completely grey, like the sky during a storm. The second, also male, though faded had a hide that shone blue, like a moonstone.
The moonstone blue hatchling was the first to reach the remaining candidates. Both were male with similar builds and looks. In the end, the hatchlings yielded toward Inguz and remarked:

"That was a tough choice, but I'm glad I picked you."
"I'm happy about that too, Mani."

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