Snow was falling outside for the first time that year. It didn't seem like it would stay, but the effect was pretty and so was the timing. Five candidates had been found this year, three IceLanders from the North and two runic warriors. 
As the eggs began rocking the first candidates entered. Just about fifteen minutes later the first egg crackled and a spiderweb of jiggly lines appeared on it's surface. Soon the lines connected and the egg fell neatly in half, allowing a white and yellow hatchling do drop out. The hatchling was wingless with a ridge of very peculiar outcrops over the entirety of her body. Markings riddled her skin on her head and tail.

Two more eggs hatched and two males, a blue and red crystal walked away from the wreckage of eggshell. They seemed to ignore each other as they each went into a completely different direction. The blue crystal headed for the runic warrior Kenaz who was a pacifist despite his large frame and firey red hair.

"I am Eisje." he said, "I wish to go with you."
The fourth egg hatched and a purple crystal female fell out. She looked around for a while. As Lucas had feared there were more female dragons than female candidates. But this female did not seem to mind when she headed for the second runic warrior, Dagaz. Maybe the warrior was the most gentle of the two candidates left, loving nature and the sun.
"My name is Gnijs, mine." the dragon said, "Can I come with you?"
Of course you can, Gnijs." Dagaz said, feeling the odd name take form in his mouth.

The two remaining eggs hatched, spilling a violet crystal female and a green crystal male onto the sands. It was the green who made a move first. That left only the violet crystal dragoness. There were no more candidates but she had not liked any of the ones gathered anyway. She had in stead loved the image some of them had carried. With a swish of her tail she turned to Lucas and announced:
"My name is Krim. I shall not bond but I shall travel with my brother Eisje and my sister Gnijs to the land of these runes."
"That's noted." Lucas nodded, closing the hatching and then leaving too for the party that followed it.


Krim was hatched at Lantessama

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