Old Futhark
FEHU and Calisy



'Come my son. I'm going to check out our lands.' Fehu's father woke him.
Fehu opened his light blue eyes and jumped out of bed. Fehu was about 14 years old with too large arms and legs. His father left him to dress himself.
When he was dressed he walked to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. The kitchen smelled from the fresh backed bread. It was a rather small kitchen, for being such a wealthy family, but it was good enough to provide them of food. 
As he walked through the kitchen and left it through the back door he saw the fields. The sun touched the leaves of their corn, weed and other crops. Soon it would be time to harvest their lands.
He walked to the carriage and crawled up and sat next to his father. He had never known his mother. She died of a fever after she had given birth to him. He had always wondered how his mother was and since his father never talked about her he never got any answers.

His father was talking about the crops and when they should be harvested and other wisdoms of agriculture. Fehu knew that all, but he didn't say anything. He knew that his father would get angry with him otherwise. 
He listened silently and tested himself if he still knew everything.

After his father had told all he could think of, they stopped to eat something.
'Now son. Lets stop here and get something to eat.' It was past midday and Fehu was getting a bit hungry.
'Yes father.' He jumped off and took the basket from his father. Then his father jumped off and landed next to him.

They sat there saying nothing to each other. Fehu and his father didn't have a good relationship, but they knew each other well enough to know the basic things of each other.
But that made Fehu sad. He had never known his mother and although his father was sitting right next to him, he didn't knew his father either.

After a very silent meal of bread and some dried meat, Fehu and his father went on with their tour around their land.
As they came home, it was already getting dark, Fehu followed his father. But as they came near a door, his father looked at Fehu and told him to get away.
Fehu had never been in that room, and he wondered what was in it. Fehu had never broke in the door, because he respected his father's privacy. But still he was a bit curious.

'Master Fehu...' Somebody screamed. Fehu had just went to bed and had fallen asleep when one of the servants woke him.
'Fire!' Was the only thing the servant said and then he ran away. Fehu jumped out of bed and smelled the thick smoke of a fire. Was the fire here in the house?
Fehu ran to his father's room and entered without thinking. But he wasn't there. His bed was unslept.
Where could he be? Fehu wondered. And a second later he knew, the little room..
As Fehu ran downstairs, his eyes started to tear and he used the sleeve of his robe to breath. He felt the doorknob, but it was too hot to touch. He burned his hand on it.
Fehu didn't scream, he was in to much of a panic to scream. He banged on the door, not felling the heat that came through the wood.
Finally he bashed the door and entered. Flames were licking the curtains, furniture and his father's body. Fehu screamed at his father to wake him, but all was lost. He ran to the kitchen and started to fill buckets of water.
He ordered the  servants to help him, few did help him.
Others ran away in fear. He cursed them for not helping him.
Fehu threw water over the flames, others bashed the flames with blankets. And after some time, the fire was out, but Fehu's father couldn't be saved.
As a miracle a little wooden box was saved from the fire. Fehu gather all the things that could be saved and then looked in the wooden box.
There were some pictures of a woman in it. The pictures were brown and very old.
He wondered who she was. He thought his mother, but then again.. He had never seen her. Below the pictures, he found a little ring. It was so pretty and elegant. He had to ask to the the oldest servant who the woman was and from who the ring was. She would know.

The next morning was very hectic and Fehu had to take care of everything. He was to young for this, but he got through it. With all the fuss, he forgot the wooden box and he thought of it again many years later.

Fehu was now 21 years old and the fire had been long ago, but the wooden box was, as he expected, belongings of his mother.
Fehu had grown up into a young wealthy farmer and successful too. He was respected far and wide. But he was still alone, and people were talking behind his back.
His councils had told him to get a wife and make children. But Fehu didn't want to marry a girl at random. He wanted to fall in love and then if she wanted too get married, they would.

Fehu was walking around on his land and it was then that he bumped into destiny.
It was a girl of 19 years old. Her long blond hair and brown eyes were all he needed to fall in love with.
He walked in the corn field and there he saw her steal some of the corn.
She ran away as soon as she had seen him, and he followed. He was much faster then her and he cought her. He made her stop by grasping her arm and not letting go. Finally she looked at him.
'If you had asked some of it, you would have gotten it.' She looked him straight in the eye and told him that if he wanted to rape her that she would fight.
'I would never...' He let her go. She started to run away, but stopped a little bit further. She turned around and then asked: 'Is that offer still standing? Can I ask for some food?' She had more hunger than she was scared of the well build man in front of her. It had been days since the last time she had eaten something.
'Follow me.' Fehu said.

Fehu guided her through the field to the house. She made sure that she was behind him and far enough from him so that he couldn't attack her, and close enough to follow him
They entered the house through the kitchen and he asked if they could make her something to eat.
The girl was surprised that he asked it and not commanded it like everybody else with power and money.
She sat quiet and waited patiently. When was he going to ask something in return? People had mistreated her all her life and she didn't want to trust somebody, she didn't need anybody.
She had been born a slave, but her parents had helped her escape from the moment she turned into a young woman. She had seen the eyes of her master on her body, burning in her back, and she had fought for her life ever since she had run away from her master.

When the food came, she attacked it. It smelled so yummy that she forgot where she was and with whom.
She blushed when she remembered and he smiled sweetly to her. "Don't worry. It's just great food here." He hugged the cook who was an old lady. She giggled like a young girl and said: "Fehu is a great master if you want to work here." How did she know that she was a slave?
"You know that nobody needs to work for me. every body here has chosen for himself." He said blushing. So he disliked slavery? She looked at him thinking. 
"I don't want to work here, but I could use a rest." She looked at him.
"When you have finished eating, I'll show you to your room. Just let me call me.." He left without waiting for an answer and closed the door behind him. So he wasn't so different from other masters.
She looked at her plate and now started eating with more care.
"Fehu is a nice young man you know." The cook said as she looked at her. "And there is no misses.." She smiled at her. "What's your name?"
"My name is Calisy. How did you know I was a slave?" ignoring the smile of the old woman.
"Well.. I'm old honey.. I know those things. I saw it in your eyes, in the way you walk and how you react.. I was once like you... Fehu here likes you. I know that too. Marry him.. He is a fine gentleman."
Not hungry anymore, Calisy got up and walked away. She wouldn't marry him just to be safe.. Or would she?

She had rested for a week or so, and had been thinking a lot about what the cook had said.
She wasn't an evil person, and she would hate herself if she did. But on the other hand.. The cook was right about something.. Could she run her whole life away from all things? She could be happy here...
Sighing, she got up and took some breakfast. She asked where Fehu was. They told her that she was in the fields.
She walked carefully outside, sniffing the air, and looking for Fehu. She found him rather easily and smiled at him. 
"Hello." He said smiling. It was, indeed, very obvious that he liked her.
"Hello sir." 
"How many times did I ask you to call me Fehu?" He said. His light blue eyes were even smiling at her.
"Sorry.. Can I talk to you for a moment?"
He followed her away from the workers, to a little creek where some grass grew. She sat down and he sat next to her.
"What is it?" He asked worried.
"I... I don't know how to ask you this.."
"Just start with the first word and the rest will follow." It was difficult for him not to touch her, but then she would be scared of him.
"Will you take me as your wife?" She blurted out.
At first Fehu didn't know what to say, then he was happy, but then he knew her reasons.
"I won't marry you when you don't love me. I do love you, but that doesn't mean that I will throw you on the streets just because you don't follow my will." He got up and walked away. He wasn't angry with her, but she shouldn't have asked him that. How cruel was this world that women needed to offer themselves for everything? Kicking every can he could see, he got back to his daily job.

Calisy stayed where he had left her. She was crying. Why hadn't she thought before saying those things? She knew that he was smart enough to know her motives. She just had to be silent, say nothing and just kiss him. He was pretty enough for staying with him.. But then again. Did her parents get her free just to see her get married against her will? He had been right, although she didn't like it, she had to admit it.

Late at night, when Calisy got back to the house, Fehu was sitting on the porch in his chair with a cool drink. 
"Calisy.. you should never throw yourself for a men. Your better than that." She wanted to say something, anything, but she didn't know what. She nodded and ran inside.
Shutting the door from her room, she threw herself on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she woke up by soft knocking on the door.
She got up and walked to the door. As she opened it, she saw Fehu's dark hair and light hair.
"Are you mad at me?" He asked her.
She smiled, relieved that he wasn't angry with her, and that he didn't rape her. "Of course not Fehu."
"You said Fehu. There may be some hope let.." He smiled and looked at her eyes searching in them.
"There may be..." She had said it before she could think. Was she falling in love? That would be so ironic.

Later that day, he invited her for a late picnic walk near the creek.
That day she was in heaven. She had really fallen in love with a man. A man that had lodes of money and that treated her right. She smiled at herself in the mirror in her room. She would lone a dress from one of the workers for the night.
Fehu was in another room dressing himself as well. He smiled at the tought that maybe tonight he could touch her. He had fallen deeply in love and although she had trown her in front of his feet, she now meant it. He could see it in her eyes when she looked at him.

They met that night under the stars late at night and talked for hours. She fell asleep in his arms and he carried her back to her room and kissed her on the forehead, and then left the room.
The next morning, she woke up in her room. Remembering the wonderful night with a smile playing with her mouth. She washed herself and then ran towards the kitchen. Fehu was eating his breakfast and looked up when she entered it. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She kissed his cheek and then went to sit across from him. She knew that the cook was looking at them, but she didn't care. She was in love and that was all that mattered.

Two years later they got married. It was a sunny, warm day in the summer when he slid his mothers ring over her finger. She loved her man and she knew that he loved her. It was funny how it all turned out to be. But she didn't regret one day of her life. Her past life was now behind her and she never had to fear again.

But it was on another summer night that something happened that they both hadn't suspect. 
She had only heard it in stories, but they were real. She had touched one of them and the rider had asked them to come with and go to Darkling Dawn to impress one of the mythical creatures themselves. She wanted to know how it would be. What it would be like. And she knew Fehu well enough to know that he wondered too how it would be.
They just had to look at each other and they knew that they would go. 
"But what with all the land?"
"I'll tell the cook to handle everything until I get back. She knows how to handle things." Smiling at Calisy, they left for a new adventure. They would come back as soon as they could. But not for a while. Because they were about to impress a dragon...

It seemed that there has been some time in between the last hatching and this one. There was a bubbly atmosphere and lots of whispers all throughout the hatching grounds. Fehu was standing there. Although he was a good leader, he felt the tensed atmosphere. He wanted a dragon.. He was ready. But it wasn't his chose really. the dragon would pick his  or her candidite.

Fehu felt every nerve tense when he saw Uruz impress. There was another dragon looking at the candidiates. This one was a blue one. He found that the dragon had something that the previous dragons didn't have.
The dragons eyes stopped towards him. He looked seriously at him.. And suddenly he heard a voice inside of his head.
You don't mind bonding me, do you?
"Course not, Minolath!" Fehu replied with a grin. "Who wouldn't want a dragon like you?"


Calisy hadn't impressed at that clucht yet. She wasn't disapointed. She hadn't felt that the right dragon had been in one of the eggs there. Soon after, there was another clutch ready for hatching. When it was her turn, she felt a little tingle inside her.
Another colorful pair hatched from the next eggs--a small and dainty white dragoness with silver wings, and a somewhat larger darkish red female with purple wings. The red-purple walked boldly up to the candidates, stepped somewhat contemptuously over a spotted green rukel at her feet, and stopped at T'riel's side. "My name is Hadikan, T'riel. I'm not going to bond to you," she said, "I don't think your other dragons would appreciate that...much less your other...pets." She threw a wary glance at another rukel and hunched down. "Why are there so many rukels around here?" she hissed.
"I don't know, because we live here?" the green one said, and continued with, "Watch it!" when Hadiken nearly stepped on his tail.
The white-silver giggled a bit as she listened to the conversation, but there was a shifty look in her eyes--intelligent despite their vapid look--as she went to the candidates. Cuddling beside
Calisy, the hatchling shouted, "You look like fun! Let's bond!"
The pair were nearly out of the Hatching Cavern, when the white-silver quitely added,
Nobody's going to hurt you when I, Kladari, am around. Don't worry about anything.

Name: Kladari
Breed: Dragon Whorling/Atuan mutt/Hathian
Gender: Female
Color: White-Silver
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Fire Breath Weapon, Superspeed
Personality: Eternally child-like and innocence, Kladari appears to be locked in a state of permanent infancy. As a result, people don't find her threatening at all and inevitabely let their guard down around her. She is a lot more shrewd and intelligent than she lets on, preferring to keep a low profile in order to protect Calisy.
Bonded to: Calisy


Fehu and Calisy impressed at
Darkling Dawn

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