Old Futhark


Rank First Aett, leader 
(not in the army because he has land)
age 23 years
looks dark brown hair and light blue eyes. 
He has a dark skin from long days on the field. And his muscles are well trained.
attitude A very polite guy with a really nice temper. He has a lot of manners and isn't like everybody else. He believes in getting the best work from others by being friendly to them and providing them with everything they need. And maybe that is why he is so wealthy now as a farmer.
history As a baby he lost his mother and growing up with a father who never looked at his son except for when he was thinking of the farm, he grew up with the cook. The oldest servant under his fathers workers.
His father died when Fehu was still a young boy and since he was the only son of his father, he was after the death of his father the owner of a wealthy farm. 
With his thoughts, he got from wealthy to very rich and well known.



age 21 years
looks long blond hair and brown eyes. Her dark skin marks her for long hard days.
She is rather tall for a girl, although shorter then Fehu
attitude She used to be scared of men, but now, getting to know that there is some justice in the world, she loves to talk, never shutting up, get everybody annoyed from time to time, except for her husband Fehu. 
She has had a hard time and even now, she still can't tell her feelings nor show how some appreciation although Fehu is getting through her.
history She was born a slave and normally her children would have been slaves too. But her parents had other plans for their little girl. They helped her escape from the claws of the master and she ran straight in the arms of Fehu. 


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