Old Futhark



This boy was the last son of the Reikwaz family. He was the last born baby from the triplet. 
Ehlaz knew his brothers very well and he knew that Ehwaz was a little troublemaker. Although he didn't mean it like that, he always got himself into trouble.
Ehlaz would make sure nothing would happen to his two brothers and especially Ehwaz. 

Ehlaz was a normal boy, loved to play war and fight with wooden swords. But he would always keep an eye out for Ehwaz and Eihwaz.
Although Eihwaz went away to study with the towns witch, he let him, with fear in his heart, go. He had asked why Eihwaz wanted to do that, go live with a witch, and he had answered that he wanted to know everything that was inside her head. She was wise, he said with a sparkle in his eyes. Ehlaz, although scared saw him leave on what he thought was a dark day with lots of rain in the afternoon. In truth, it was a warm clouded day and there had been no rain.
Together with Ehwaz, he saw all his brothers leave for the army or for other purposes in life, and when Ehlaz worked hard, he wondered when he would have to leave this all. In his heart, he knew that he wanted to stay here for ever. But that wasn't  possible. When you got to a certain age, you were summoned for the army.
But when he had served his time, he would come back and help his mother and father out.

When a man came to summon the last three of the Reikwaz family, he went to Eihwaz to tell him about the letter, and Ehwaz went to the army already.
When he got to the little round house, he found the old woman. He asked her where his brother was. 
She told him in her raspy voice that he would come, but he had to go already.
Too afraid to go against that woman's wishes, he left a few days after Ehwaz, and a few days before Eihwaz to the camp.

When he got there, almost the whole family was waiting for him and Eihwaz. 
"Eihwaz will come, but I had to go ahead..."
"That's ok Ehlaz. He'll come." Dagaz said. 
With that said, he didn't feel any better. He felt like he had abandoned his brother. He should have waited..

But two days later, Eihwaz entered the camp. 
Eihwaz had grown into a strong young man, and for the first time in years, he didn't regret that he let his brother go. Everything turned out for the best.
But then the rumour of Eihwaz fallen in love with a boy made his life turn upside down again. What would other people think? How would others think of their mother and father? Didn't the boy had any brains in his head after all?
He wanted to go talk to Eihwaz, but Thurisas beat him to it. Although Ehlaz didn't like to eavesdrop, he couldn't help it.
And he was relieved when he found out that the good name of Reikwaz wasn't going to be slammed in the mud.
From that day, he thought that he shouldn't be so overprotective and worry about everything so much. He would try to do it less.
And although he knew he wouldn't be able to keep that promise, he tried to live up to it as much as he could.

Ehlaz was a medium sword fighter, but good enough to go to war a few weeks later.
Leaving the camp, he wondered if he would ever see his parents again. Although he knew he shouldn't worry so much, the nagging feeling wouldn't disappear.
And when he found out that they weren't going to war after all, but go with some dragon rider, the nagging feeling lessened.
Would he have died when he had gone to war?


Elhaz is a candidate at

This year's summer holiday clutch had been (carefully) moved to the plains outside so a larger audience could watch the hatching. It was a calm, sunny day at Lantessama with a soft breeze that seemed to carry the sand from the beaches inward. Eleven candidates had signed up for this clutches. Two elves, two dragons, four humans, two runic warriors and a scaled desert girl, the most unusual among them who'd had needed some time to adjust herself to the to her alien language. The eleven candidates gathered around the eggs while Lucas and Cyan busied theirselves with getting the food tables in order. "We have half an hour to get theis ready." Lucas said just as the first egg cracked and proved his words wrong.
The next egg sprang open and it's shards were marked with numerous clawmarks. It had taken the dragon quite some time to get there but he'd been able to crack open his shell with a single tap. The beige male raptor still had energy to spare and ran toward his chosen, the runic warrior Elhaz. Squatting before him he looked like he wanted to be petted so much that Elhaz couldn't help but stretch out his hand. 
"Scratch my nose please." the dragon pleaded, "Chalk tickles!" 
"Ok Runor." Elhaz smiled and hastily rubbed the itchy spot before sneezing. 
"I can see we're syncronized already." Runor said.

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