Michael's a boy who just knows how pretty he is. He is someone who doesn't talk to persons not who are simply not worth talking to. Aradia was one of them. And Emma would have had a chance if she wasn't always talking to that person. Who did she think he is? all dressing up in black. was she sick or something?

He was wondering around and then he bumped into Emma. Did that girl ever stop? He didn't like her. His girlfriends needed to be still and be pretty, just smile. Yes he'd preferred that.
But anyway...
'What are you doing here? Get out of my way!'
'Why? I wasn't doing anything wrong.. Your mean..'
'Yes, and you're stupid! Did you really think that I would fall for you?!'
'Ok... sorry. I'm just going to leave..'
'Yes, Go run to your little friend. And tell her that she's the ugliest that I have ever seen!'
'You leave my friend out of this!'
'Ooohh, now I'm scared!' Michael didn't like her. He was planning to show her just where she was.
'Don't do this...'
'What are you going to cry now?' He said this in a way that even he found evil.. He liked it. He smiled when he saw that Emma was crying. 'Go one! Run away!'
And she did. He laughed. What did he like this feeling...

He wondered around in school, not much happened in those weeks. Only that there were a lot of girls throwing them in front of his feet.
But then one night his feeling changed. He couldn't say what happened, but felt something.. He wanted Emma. and then he wanted to kill her.. Yes... What a lovely thought!

He saw her.. She mustn't know what he was planning. He had to look in love.. That was hard to do. But worth it.
He waited till the right time, then he said
Emma? Would you go out with me? It would be so much fun.' He was going to be sick...
'Yes I would love to.'
It worked... She was so stupid! He walked away.
'Hello?' Aradia said. 'Don't you need a date?'
Michael turned round and smiled, he blushed. 'Oh yeah... When?'
'Lets say tonight? at 8?'
'Yes! till then!' he said and he ran away. He couldn't play anymore. He was so good.. But he was getting to much the feeling of ripping her cloths out..

He was thinking only of this. How he was going to do it and how. He always felt really good when he thought of how it was going to work...

He came to Emma that night. He was all dressed up and he hoped everything would work as planned.
'Hello my love' He said. He felt discussed... Did he really say this?
He took her hand and pulled her out of the house. there was no time to lose.. He had been waiting so long.. He always talked about how pretty she was, that she was the finest of them all. He didn't want anyone else. he wanted to make her believe it all. He hoped it worked.
Michael took Emma to a far away place, where nobody was. There were only trees nothing more.
'Do you know what we can do if we are all alone...' He looked at her with a grin.
'Yes... maybe talk?' She hoped that he didn't go further.
'I don't want to talk....' talk? Did she really think he was going to do this?
'I want something else...'
'I think I'd better go...' He grabbed her arm and he hoped that he hurt her. and he did.
'Your hurting me!'
'I told you that I want you.' He said with a grin and fire was in his eyes. He felt her shiver.. He liked it that she was scared of him.
'Don't be scared... I won't hurt you. You want this as much as I do..' He said.
'No I don't want that! Let me go and don't follow me!' That would be even better than his plan. He would hunt her down like an animal...
But he didn't let go. 'If you want to play a game... Ok.. I'll let you go. But I will hunt you and if I can catch you, then .... lets say that I get what I want then..'

He waited for a few minutes and than he ran after her. He knew where she was going to and he went strait to that house.
When he got there, he said: 'Emma.... I'll catch you..'
He loved this feeling. He felt power, but then he heard Aradia say something. He didn't know what it was, but he just knew that she was going to stop him. He wouldn't be stopped!
He went into the house and he saw Aradia in a portal. He jumped in it, just in time before it closed.

Where was he? He didn't know this place. But he saw them.. they were small dots against that tower. He began to ran after them and when he was close to them, he went and hid himself in some bushes. He saw them going into a cave. As he was sure that they couldn't see him, he went after them.
There they were. But there were to many people. He had to wait. He looked around and then saw some eggs. He wondered what was in them. It couldn't be something better than him...
When he saw that Emma impressed one of those powerfull dragons, he entered the sands. He didn't care if there were a lot of people...

Emma saw him first. And he could sence that she was scared. Now that her little friend wasn't there to help her.... But then she changed. She looked stronger... He hessitated. But then he also felt a strong power... It was a dragon of his own. He looked at his dragon. He looked so evil.. so perfect! He saw that some sort of person entered the circle. He wanted him out of there. He would ruin his plan!

“Tenken!” he barked out. “Take, uh…”
“Michael,” supplied Michael helpfully.
“Yeah. Take Michael and..”
“Riondioyth.” even the name of the dragon was of power
“Whatever. Just take the two troublemakers somewhere else for the course of the hatching. Use force if necessary.”
“Gladly,” said Tenken as a smirk took over his face. Birana growled and the two of them shepherded Michael and Riondioyth out of the sands. He could sence that his dragon didn't like it as much as him. But he went close to his dragon and rubbed over his nose. The dragon was much bigger than him.
"Don't worry, sweet Riondioyth... We will get them.. When they least expect it."
He felt a tremble in his dragon. "I hope so..." He replied in his haid.
He smiled at his dragon. Oh, they would regret all that was done to him!
They left to get some food, hoping, planning how they would get Emma.



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