Paul was a man that didn't belong anywhere. He didn't like it, but he couldn't change his personality. He didn't thought that was worth it. Every time that he wondered around in school, he was picked on. Mostly by Michael. He really hated him. What gave him the right to pick on somebody?
He couldn't believe that Aradia was I love with him. He had seen her looking at him. And her friend probably told her that she should get her chance. Why hadn't he say that he loved her so much? That he would sit at her window from the moment she came to this town. He loved her, she dared to show people she was different.  And he loved it!

He just couldn't believe she was in love with him. of all people.. Why?
He was sitting on his favourite place, the bushes in front of her window. How he loved her. He thought nobody had loved someone as he loved her. He regret it that she was in love with someone else. He didn't like it, but what was he to do?

Nothing happened the next couple of days.. How he wished something did happen. But it didn't.
He had imaged how it would be when they were together. But it was every time different and more romantic or something else was different.
He saw Emma walking to Aradia's house. What was she up to? He wondered.
He dived deeper into the bushes, she had seen him. Why wasn't he more careful?
He looked around. Nobody saw him, maybe she didn't either.
He looked at the house and he saw some candle-light. He wondered what they were doing. He knew Aradia was a witch, but he didn't know that Emma was one too.
The night ended. Another night where nothing happened.

Then some weeks after that strange night he saw her standing in front of the window. He looked at her, and he noticed that she was looking at him. It was now or never.. He sticked his hand out of the bushes and he waved at her. She waved back.. Maybe.. Could it be?
'Hello?' She said in the dark.
'Hi, my name is Paul.' Why did he say that? He had practiced so many lines and the only thing that he could say is this? She reached out and grabbed him. He looked into her eyes and he drowned in the warm look of those brown eyes.
'You could just come out of the bushes and come inside...'
'Now I can't go back I think...' Another stupid thing he said..
'Yes your right, I will pull you into my home. So come in..'
He came in and Aradia made him sit. 'Need anything to drink?' She asked. Maybe he had a little chance. If she didn't like him, she wouldn't have invite him in..
'Yes. Some water please.' Aradia went inside and looked for some water.
He looked around and saw a romantic CD. He reached out and looked at it. Without thinking, he putted the music on and she cam out the kitchen
'Could I have this dance?'
'Yes...' He took her hand and they danced. It was like they were flying. He hadn't imagined this. But he was glad that they were dancing, this was the best fantasy ever.. and to think this was real..
'The song ended...' Why did they have to stop..
'Oh...' It looked like she didn't like it either. He didn't know what to do and so he said
'I need to get away.. I have to go home. I'm sorry...' and he ran away.
'But...' He didn't listen. He went away and she ran after him. 'Paul wait...' She took his shoulder and turned him around. She kissed him. He couldn't think.. The only thing that he thought was that she loved him.

Than Aradia stopped suddenly. Had he done something wrong? He didn't hope so.. But then he saw Emma. At first he didn't know what she was talking about. He couldn't understand, everything was a haze... But then he figured out that Michael had done something.. It wasn't Aradia who loved Michael, it was Emma. He could jump up of joy.. but that wasn't the time..
'We'll just wait till he gets here and then we will talk with him. Ok?'
'No... No... Please....' Emma started to shiver. What had he done to Emma? He knew that Michael was bad.. But that bad?
'Easy Emma. Your alright here.. I'm Paul.' He wanted to make her calmer. He wanted to help her.
There was a banging on the door. 'Emma.... I'll catch you..' You could see the terror in Emma's eyes.
'I need to get away.. Aradia please!'
After a while, Aradia said: 'Maybe it's better that we fool him..'
'Stand close to me.. I'll make a portal to the other side of the town.'
They stood together and after some words that they didn't understand a light blue portal appeared.
'Get in!' Aradia said. It was Paul who walked in first, then Aradia pushed Emma in it and she went as last.

Paul was the first to enter another world. He wondered where they were. It wasn't the same old boring town, it was new and with adventures. I think we aren't where we were supposed to be...' Aradia said
'No I don't think so... But lets find out where we are.' Paul said. Aradia looked at Emma. 'Come Emma..' Aradia pushed Emma gently to a tower.

Emma went to that tower and they followed. When they were in the tower, they saw a lot of pink or red colours. 'Someone loves pink...' Aradia said. Paul smiled. It was a good colour for the tower he thought, but he wasn't going to say anything.
Paul didn't see anybody. Something is wrong
'I wonder where everybody is..' Paul said.
'Yes, me to..'

They walked to a great opening in the cave. There were sands. Strangely they were really hot.
'We have to enter.' Aradia said. There was something in her voice that hadn't been there before. He wondered what it was.
Aradia pushed Emma in the cave and there they saw other people. They didn't  even notice the 3 persons in the cave. They were to busy looking to the eggs. 
Paul looked up. There was a large opening in the roof of the cave. Why was this? This is all to strange... Then he looked at his beloved Aradia. He loved her, and he couldn't believe that they were together..
Then he noticed the eggs. What was in there? He wanted to find out.
He saw Aradia leave with her dragon. A part of him wanted to go with them, but the other (stronger) part wanted to stay with the wobling eggs.

He stayed near the eggs and he mumbled 
“Makes you wish you had bonded first, huh…” to himself. Emma said something but he didn't understand her. Then she was babling something else. But stopped. He looked at the entery and saw Michael. He didn't know what to do. He .....
G'non came between them. He saw that they both impressed a dragon. Although he wasn't so happy that Michael did.. And made them leave. He was glad that it ended well this time.
Then his attention was drawn back to the eggs.
Numbers of dragons left with or wothout a person and the eggs were starting to get in lower numbers. The remaining candidates came closer.
A new egg, the first of another mother dragon, hatched. It was a translucent red colored dragon, and when the dragon was well out of his egg, he went straight for Paul and glanced up at him as he arrived.
Shall we go catch up with Aradia and Dionday? He asked. Paul nodded and smiled. "Shure thing, Neziay."
They left and when he saw Aradia there, standing, watching her dragon closly, he feld in love all over again.



Paul is standing at valentine Frenzy