Candidate at Lantessama Isle -

A pail, small and thin man looked around. He was in a dark place, only one candle lighted the large room. He was alone, he had demanded that no man or woman was allowed in.
Soon Wernlak would call upon his god. His god had called for him in Wernlak's dreams. Wernlak was Marquish, god of horror and pain, favourite priest.
Marquish himself always appeared as a ghost, with no flesh around the arms that welcomed the priests. The only thing that men could see were the eyes of the god. Light yellow eyes shining from under his cloak.

Wernlak checked every door and window that he wouldn't be disturbed. He and Marquish, the strongest god of all, didn’t like to be disturbed. If they would be disturbed, Wernlak would get extreme powers for a moment and  be able to kill the intruder in a very painful way. The powers were lend by his god and taken back after the killing witch leaved Wernlak fragile as he was. He didn't like that, but soon it would all be over and he would become the most powerful priest in the world, every mortal would kneel before him and wish for his blessing.. Yes soon...

Wernlak strode to the altar. He knew, even in the dark, where it was. The only thing on it were a dagger and some bandages. Wernlak played with the dagger for a moment dreaming of his glory and power. All for his god of course. He devoted his life to Marquish and would give his life to his god too. 
Marquish had demanded that he stayed in this dreadful place and stay their until his powers were big enough to conquer the world! The dagger ripped his hand open but Wernlak didn't notice, he didn't notice the hunger too. He hadn't eaten in 3 days to purify his body.
He came back to this world and the dark room when he heard a noise. It was some cracking of leaves. Wernlak held the dagger more firmly and slid to the noise.

When he was at a door he opened it, pulled a man inside and closed the door back in only a second. He threw a man on the floor, who was crying like a baby. How he despised these low mortals.. They didn't know what was scary...
'Maley Fartas ká bliodah' 
(you deared to disturb me!)  Werlak hissed at the man.
'Vraimy! Vraimy!' (Sorry! Sorry) He screamed. His voice was shaking. Wernlak knew exactly where the man was lying although he couldn't see him. He could smell his sweat of fear.
'Rá maley grassh lri maley gebmo rázsxi?' 
(Do you know what you have done?)
'Froig grom mala... Ma ráent hri ká!  (Please forgive me.. I didn't mean to!)
'Malo driss fray lri Marquish geb ká jliko' 
(We will see what Marquish has to say...)
'Srï! Srï! Ent Marquish... Ma'rá vraimy! Vraimy!' (No! No! not Marquish.. I'm sorry! Sorry!)
But it was too late. Wernlak was already busy summoning Marquish.
'Krié Marquish, breei ká mala, maliss mlaég, Mala buig rágro Maley. Groik mala gibmo drir Greyl 
(Holy Marquish, come to me, your priest, I kneel before you. Help me with this fool.)
The screaming of the fool were kind of fun.. Considering that the priest was a small and really skinny man.  But now was not the time to think of that.
The priest drew the dagger into his belly and as he pulled the knife out slowly the room lighted up and a ghost appeared.
'Maley fraksy grish mala? 
Ma gebmo dri taak... Cru lri ju drir?' (You called for me? I have an assightment.. But what is this?) Marquish looked at the pile of man in front of him.
'Driola Hrim, maliy yupfra mala. Grah mala doed mali!' (Greatest god, He interrupted me. Let me kill him!)
'Srï... Ma gebmo krast nitklir gri knum gro maliy... friï gro maliy.' 
(No... I have something better in mind for him.. And for you.)
Wernlak didn't ask what it was. That was for the weak.. He wasn't weak.
'Dru hrisstu drir morga friï roem drissbreei ká maliy. Cru gruss bluk drir... gremp griká drir zwart morga.. Maliy driss rás doed drais...' 
(go through this portal and fame will come to you. But first push this... Thing into this black portal.. He will be killed their....)

And so it was.. Wernlak picked up the man and threw him into the black portal. A scream filled the room for a moment and then silence as the portal closed.
Wernlak walked through the other portal. He didn't look back. Fame would be their.. He wanted to be their, not here..

After many impressions another egg began to rock violently. But everybody's attention was drawn away from the egg when a violent wind filled the cave making all the sand blow up and into the faces of candidates and other people. Cyan wondered where Trix was as she covered her eyes against the sting the sand. Trix could handle these things better than she could. Next time she would look after Evilness and Trix would have to stay here.
Nobody could see anymore, but if they could, they would have seen that a pail and fragile man stepped out of the portal and onto the sands. Not once did he blink or even cover his eyes for the flying sand. 
The man was mumbling something in a strange language. Only the name Marquish could be heard. Cyan didn't even want to know what that meant. The sand calmed down again as the dark portal closed and now Cyan could see the man. Sweat pearled on his forehead and blood dripped out of a fresh wound. She followed the man's eyes and saw that the egg had hatched into another dragon. It seemed that the dragon was very dangerous.. She was carrying a scythe and swinging it through the air. The question of how nobody had gotten hurt until now popped into Cyan's mind. But it was soon gone when the impression took place. 
'I'm nobody's pet. But I would like to know more about Marquish.. It seems that he is mighty. But not as mighty as you.. For all you are the one who does everything.'
The man smiled at the dragon. 
'I can allready see how we are going to conquer the world, Ithea, and make everything ours in name of Marquish.'
'Indeed.. And a lovely picture it is Wernlak.'


'Why won't you go back to your homeworld and punish people their?' It was Cyan who spoke to Wernlak. Wernlak only smiled. 
'Who ever said anything about hurting people? I didn't do a thing. My poor Ithea isn't used to all that blood...'
'Hum! I am so... Why can't she know that we might have killed a few people already?'
'No, sweet Ithea... People don't understand this..'
'What are you talking about with Your dragon?'
'Who said that I was talking to her? Is that a crime now?'
Cyan sighed. Their was no reasoning with this.... man.. 'I'm giving you this message: You are allowed to leave Lantessama, Ithea is adult now and ready to fly and go between. That was all. I hope you will leave soon.' Cyan turned around, hearing an evil laugh of Wernlak. Cyan hoped he didn't see her shiver...

'Did you hear Ithea? We can take over the world now... What do you think about that?'
'All that blood, screams... I love it!' And as the dragon was thinking of these things images floated towards Wernlak. Images of burning cities, people running away, screaming.

Masill; the poor man, his story is found here

Wernlak Ithea
Devoted to Marquish, god of pain and horror
Power and fame are always nice
Pain and horror good to watch!
Ithea loves the pain and horror Wernlak brings. She has never met Marquish, but has devoted her life too Wernlak and so too Marquish.