Masil was a man who lived on Finger Isle. He was convicted for murder, but he hadn't done that; he just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He had to leave his familie and live with all the other criminals.
He didn't belong on this ilse. He was picked on, beaten almost to death; but not totally because he came in handy for things...

Masil was a tal man but very thin. He has gray hair and is old. It has been for some time now that he lived on this tropical isle.
He thought that his familie had forgotten him.. and only lived because he couldn't kill himself. But he didn't really want to kill himself; that was weak... Masill hated his life, but could never make an end to it. Maybe he was to weak; or maybe their was a reason for... It didn't really matter to a shadow that lived his life from day to day.

Today was as every other day, warm and sunny. He wondered around not knowing where he placed his feet. He muttered something to himself about the start of a new day and that it would soon come to an end...
'Masill...' A low voice from behind him said.
Masill stopped and slowly turned around. Their were his... friends? They were the kind of friends that used him for every dirty work and beat him when they got bored. Masill didn't run away; his legs couldn't carry him that far running plus it made things worse..
'Malo gebmo krast grish maley ká rá.' (we have something for you to do...) One of  the men said in a playfull tone. They grabbed him and a few minutes later dropped him on the warm sand.
'Priïs tylmsa... Klusk fobsy maley  
drissbreeient fruî hyis!' (Run around... Make shure you won't get caught!')
Masill didn't move. He didn't want to run around this temple, it feared him even more than the men before him.
3 of the group came to Masill and beat him till he was on the floor, bleeding from his cracked lip and nose. The leader of the group, tall well build and young made a sign that he had to run around the tempel.

Masill took the little courage he had and walked slowly to the temple.
'Priïs!' (RUN!) The leader jelled.
Masill stumbled forward around the temple. Maybe nothing would happen... Maybe the priest wasn't in... He was thinking so hard he didn't se the branche in front of him. A loud crack surrounded the place and probably in the temple.
'Srï...' (no...) Masill whispered. But nobody heared the praier.. Two hands grabbed him and pulled him in the cold of the temple dropping him on the cold floor.
'Maley Fartas ká bliodah' (you deared to disturb me!) the priest hissed at Masill.
'Vraimy! Vraimy!' (Sorry! Sorry) He screamed. His voice was shaking. It was so dark. Masill couldn't see the man. But he was so scared of him.
'Rá maley grassh lri maley gebmo rázsxi?' 
(Do you know what you have done?)
'Froig grom mala... Ma ráent hri ká!  (Please forgive me.. I didn't mean to!)
'Malo driss fray lri Marquish geb ká jliko' 
(We will see what Marquish has to say...)
'Srï! Srï! Ent Marquish... Ma'rá vraimy! Vraimy!' (No! No! not Marquish.. I'm sorry! Sorry!)
But it was too late. The priest was already summoning His god, Marquish; god of pain and horror.
'Krié Marquish, breei ká mala, maliss mlaég, Mala buig rágro Maley. Groik mala gibmo drir Greyl 
(Holy Marquish, come to me, your priest, I kneel before you. Help me with this fool.)
Masill screamed for help, hoping that somebody would save him. But all were to scared to enter this temple.
Masill no longer heard the priest. A light came from the cieling down towards the priest. Now Masill could see the priest, small thin and pale. Nothing to be scared of.. Blood dripped from his hand and belly. The knife he was holding in his hand dripped of blood too.
'Maley fraksy grish mala? 
Ma gebmo dri taak... Cru lri ju drir?' (You called for me? I have an assightment.. But what is this?) Marquish looked at the pile of man in front of him.
'Driola Hrim, maliy yupfra mala. Grah mala doed mali!' (Greatest god, He interrupted me. Let me kill him!)
'Srï... Ma gebmo krast nitklir gri knum gro maliy... friï gro maliy.' 
(No... I have something better in mind for him.. And for you.)
Masill wa to scared for the god and the priest. He didn't hear the silence.. He heard nothing.
'Dru hrisstu drir morga friï roem drissbreei ká maliy. Cru gruss bluk drir... gremp griká drir zwart morga.. Maliy driss rás doed drais...' 
(go through this portal and fame will come to you. But first push this... Thing into this black portal.. He will be killed their....)

Two strong hands picked Masill up and threw him into the black portal. A scream filled the room for a moment and then silence as the portal closed.
Masill was warped to another place called Cy Dragonstake. A dragon would be planted inside him and Masill would be killed when it was time for the dragon to hatch! And then with the other dragon of his priest Marquish would be unstoppable!!

Masill didn't know what was happening to him. People weren't brute to him as Marquish's priest had been. He was guided into a circle where other men and women were standing. 

Masill howled as the dragon within him ripped out. This hatchling would go to the aide of his enemy, the God Marquish and then all would be lost. Of course, Masill himself wouldn't be around for it. At least that was one relief that entered his mind at his death. The beta drone tore his way out and then feasted upon the flesh of his host.
'I am Vaug! Be prepared, world!' The drone cackled to himself as he tore gobbets of flesh from Masill's dead body.
The drone hissed at the people who were standing inside the circle. He got out of the cave after a few meals added to his list. A dark portal was opened in front of him and as he looked at it, a voice spoke to him. 'Vaug.. Come here and help your master.'
'I'll help you Marquish.. But I'm my own master.'
'Very well... We will see about that...'
Vaug entered the portal and that was the last of Vaug on Cy.. Or that was what they believed...

Wernlak; the priest; his storie is found here