Emma was a girl head over heals in love with a boy. She thought he was the cutest boy in the whole town. Every girl loved him. Well almost every girl. There were a few girls that didn't like him. one of the girls was her best friend. A powerful witch that loved to scare people away.
Emma remembered the first time that she met Aradia. It was on Aradia's first day in school there. Emma noticed the girl from the first moment she arrived. Yes Emma's friends told her that it was best if she didn't get involved with that mysterious girl. But Emma didn't listen. She sensed the good in her, so she went to that girl and began to talk to her.
Yes Emma admits it was hard at first, but Aradia changed and started to tell what she was feeling and what she thought of some things. They got along great.

Emma saw Michael. 'Look Aradia... he  just Looks like an angel...' Emma sighed.
'Oh come on... He isn't that cute. There are cuter boys in this town.'
'You are interested in a boy??' Emma asked teasing.
'Haha... Weren't we talking about your angel?' Aradia rolled her eyes.
Emma pushed her playful away. 'Just wait... You'll see.' Emma said standing over Aradia. 
'Come on, help me up.' Aradia asked, demanded. Emma gave her a hand and Aradia pulled it really hard so that Emma was lying next to Aradia. They looked at each other and they started to laugh.

One day Emma entered the house of Aradia. She was crying and was feeling miserable. It took Aradia a while before she could understand Emma.
Michael had turned her of and he had treated her as dirt. It was terrible what he had done to her. The whole village mocked her. She was so afraid of coming out of her house that she staid in. It didn't matter anymore. She was so alone. If she hadn't had Aradia she would have killed herself.
Aradia was the one that pulled her through.
'Come on Emma, You need to get out of your bed and get dressed. Never thought I would say this, but I miss your teasing...' Aradia talked to the sheets on the bed. They moved and Emma came out. She was sad, and looked very pail. 'Emma you look like something dropped on you...' Aradia said to make Emma laugh.
Emma smiled. 'That doesn't matter anymore....' her voice was soft.
'Take that back! There is no time to be telling this.. No time to be depressed!' said Aradia. Emma saw that she ran towards her and pushed onto the bed and started to tickle her. 'I won't stop untill you laugh!'
It didn't take long till Emma screamed: 'Stop!... Stop! I take it back! Now please...' She couldn't say anytithing more. She was to buzy laughing.

Days passed and Emma got back to her normal self. 'Can you believe, Aradia, that I would still like to be with Michael?'
'Your crazy...' She said looking at her.
'I know... But maybe if you would help me...'
'What do you want?' Aradia said. She knew what Emma was trying to pull. 'You do know the consequences?'
'Yes yes...  But still. I think that is the best way.'
'No, the best way is to put him out of your little head..' Emma looked at her and she looked so sad that Aradia couldn't resist..
'Ok... But you have to promise me that you will be careful with what you ask for..'
'Oh thank you Aradia!' Emma jumped up and hugged her friend.

Later that day.
It was a dark and cold night. Emma walked to the house of Aradia. She looked around when she noticed something in the bushes. She was to scared to go and look what it was so she started to run and when she entered the garden of Aradia she looked over her shoulder. Nothing there. She must have imagined it.
'Hello?' Emma said when she entered the house.
'Come to the attic!' Emma recognised the voice of Aradia. She went up the stairs and up some more stairs.
'Hey!' Emma said. Did she needed to say that she was afraid? Or that she had seen something?
'What is it?' Aradia asked Emma who was standing near the stair.
'Yeah right..'
'I saw something or someone standing in the bushes...' Emma said, she knew that Aradia wouldn't do anything if she didn't say what was wrong.
'Oh that is our little friend.. He's been standing there since the summer. I don't know why. I find it fun...'
'Fun? I really don't think it's fun. Who knows what he will do.'
'Not much. He's been looking at me from the summer.. Why don't we get started. I'm going to say it to you again. Watch out for what you wish, it's a full moon so the powers are stronger now then on an other night..'
'Yes yes.. I wrote it on a piece of paper.'
'Good, then we can burn it.'
Emma looked at the paper. She had said some things about him. 'Don't you want to know what's in it?'
'No.. You have to do the spell, I'll only help.'
Now Emma didn't know what she had to think. 'Will it work then?'
'You'll just have to be patient.'
Emma walked into the circle of candles and sat down as Aradia said it had to be. Emma looked at the ground. There were candles around her, red ones, and in the middle of the star-shaped thing made by salt was a little pot. She looked up. She couldn't see Aradia. 'Aradia? Where are you?' Emma felt scared. Why was she doing this?
'Sht.. Don't be scared. I'm here.'
'But I can't see you..'
'You are in the magical circle. It's normal. Do you still want to do this?'
'Yes.' Emma said She was sure that she needed to do this. 'Yes'
'Ok. You have to be mentally very strong.. Make a fire in the Caldron.'
'Ok, euhm.. Aradia? What is a Caldron?'
'The pot in the middle..'
Emma picked up a match and the piece of paper. She stroked the match and then held it against the paper. Emma was surprised that her hands weren't shaking..
'Emma, repeat after me.. I give you this paper, made by trees..'
'I give you this paper, made by trees..'
'That the Great Mother gave to me.'
'That the Great Mother gave to me.'
'Take my sacrifice and grand my wish..'
'Take my sacrifice and grand my wish..'
'Emma, You have to think about Michael. Only at him. Till the paper has burned up. Then you say: Thank you for hearing my prayers. Grand my wish, as I say it so must it be.'
Emma was thinking of Michael. Only at him. How he was and what he looked like. She closed her eyes and pictured him.
When she opened her eyes again, she said what she needed to say.
'Now you must blow out the candles Emma.'
She didn't say anything. When she finished, she felt tired. 'Is it normal that I'm tired?'
'Yes. You used a lot of energy. You have to do only one thing.. Go into the garden and put the ashes of your wish in the ground.'
Emma didn't say anything, she was to tired. She went downstairs and made a hole in the ground. She put the ashes in the ground and closed the pit.
When she came back up, she saw that Aradia had cleaned up the attic. 'Come' she said 'Go sit in here.' Aradia went into the kitchen and when she came back, she had some tea with her. 'This will make you better.'
Emma drank the tea, it had a funny taste, and feld much better. 'Thank you Aradia.'

A week had passed and she hadn't seen any results. Michael was still acting the same. Emma was thinking that the spell hadn't worked. But then there was a sudden change. Michael walked closely after Emma and Aradia.
'The spell worked Aradia!' Emma was happy.
'Yes, and I find it annoying that he keeps following us.'
The girls walked around and Michael followed them everywhere.
Then he found the nerves to tell Emma 'Emma? Would you go out with me? It would be so much fun.'
Emma looked at Aradia that was standing behind Michael. Aradia rolled her eyes. 'Yes I would love to.'
He was so happy that he walked away without asking when they were going away.
'Hello?' Aradia said. 'Don't you need a date?'
Michael turned round and smiled, he blushed. 'Oh yeah... When?'
'Lets say tonight? at 8?'
'Yes! till then!' he said and he ran away.

He came to Emma that night. He was all dressed up and was really nervous.
'Hello my love' He said. There was something in his eyes that made Emma rethink this whole situation.
He took her hand and pulled her out of the house. They left, Emma had a strange feeling. She didn't trust this.
He always talked about how pretty she was, that she was the finest of them all. He didn't want anyone else.
Emma got sorry she ever made that spell....
Michael took Emma to a far away place, where nobody was. There were only trees nothing more.
'Do you know what we can do if we are all alone...' He looked at her with a grin.
'Yes... maybe talk?' She hoped that he didn't go further.
'I don't want to talk....'
'I want something else...' She would never forget the look in his eyes. And they would hunt her for the rest of her life.
'I think I'd better go...' She turned around and wanted to leave but he grabbed her arm.
'Your hurting me!' She said. She wanted to scream, but she could speak.. She was to scared.
'I told you that I want you.' He said with a grin and fire was in his eyes. A shiver ran over her back. He must have sensed it.
'Don't be scared... I won't hurt you. You want this as much as I do..' He said.
Her voice returned. 'No I don't want that! Let me go and don't follow me!'
But he didn't let go. 'If you want to play a game... Ok.. I'll let you go. But I will hunt you and if I can catch you, then .... lets say that I get what I want then..'
He let go and she ran away. She ran as fast as she could and ran to Aradia. She could only think that she was the only one who could help her.
She ran through the woods and into the street. There was the house of Aradia. 'Aradia!' she screamed. But nothing happened.
She would have knocked on the door, but there was no time. She opened the door and ran into the living room. 'Aradia, Michael has gone mad...' She stopped talking when she saw her friend kissing that strange guy. Aradia stopped and looked at Emma. 'What's wrong?' Aradia asked.
'I don't know... Help me..' Emma couldn't think clearly.
'We'll just wait till he gets here and then we will talk with him. Ok?'
'No... No... Please....' Emma started to shiver.
'Easy Emma. Your alright here.. I'm Paul.' the strange man said.
There was a banging on the door. 'Emma.... I'll catch you..'
Emma didn't want him to find her. 'I need to get away.. Aradia please!'
After a while, Aradia said: 'Maybe it's better that we fool him..'
'Stand close to me.. I'll make a portal to the other side of the town.'
They stood together and after some words that they didn't understand a light blue portal appeared.
'Get in!' Aradia said. It was Paul who walked in first, then Aradia pushed Emma in it and she went as last.

When they walked out of the portal, they saw that they weren't at the town end.  It was day and there was something to do. Emma still didn't know what happened and she felt that Aradia pushed her in a direction. She didn't hear anything..

When Emma was a bit cleared up, she looked around. It didn't look like there home town, she saw a high tower. She looked up, but she couldn't see because of the bright sun. She didn't know what to say. But she walked to the tower. She was drawn to it. The other followed her.
She saw that it was decorated in the tower. It was all pink and red. She wondered what the occasion was. There were harts and bows in all shapes. There was no person there so they walked on. Through the tower to a cave nearby.

They walked to a great opening in the cave. There were sands. Strangely they were really hot. Then they saw the eggs.
'We have to enter.' Emma heard Aradia say.
Aradia pushed Emma in the cave and there they saw other people. They didn't  even notice the 3 persons in the cave. They were to busy looking to the eggs. Emma was to curious and looked to the eggs to. She stood there and didn't move. She felt that drawing feeling again. It was one of the eggs...
She looked at the eggs. She was so concentrating on the eggs that she didn't see Aradia leave with her new impressed dragon Dionday.
Dragons hatched and some of them impressed. Emma notiched that Aradia had already left. She looked around and was glad to see that Paul was still standing next to her.
“Makes you wish you had bonded first, huh…” muttered Paul to no one in particular.

“Yeah,” agreed Emma as she fanned herself. “Aradia had the right idea. I-“ she stopped mid-sentence as she saw a familiar face entering the sands. Michael grinned as he spotted her.
With a stride as sure as death he advanced upon her, his eyes dark and wild. Emma took a step back as Michael’s grin went even wider. “I told you that I’d catch you,” he said as Emma looked around for an escape root.
Not if I have anything to do with it…came a growling voice into Emma’s mind. A multi-colored pink, red, and white had just stepped in between her and her assailant.
“Hereoith,” said Emma breathlessly. She felt the dragon. She was scared.. But not as scared now she had Hereoith. Michael was taken aback for a moment but then he too had a dragon by his side. It was one of Apakk’s children, covered from nose to tail with shining copper scales and with a crest of spines coming from his neck. We’ll see about that, said his voice in a sharp mental hiss. Emma saw the dragon and she felt his evilness..
This was when G*non stepped forward, in between the two pairs. “Tenken!” he barked out. “Take, uh…”
“Michael,” supplied Michael helpfully.
“Yeah. Take Michael and..”
“Whatever. Just take the two troublemakers somewhere else for the course of the hatching. Use force if necessary.”
“Gladly,” said Tenken as a smirk took over his face. Birana growled and the two of them shepherded Michael and Riondioyth out of the sands. Emma felt relieved. She would be safe for now. But it wasn't the end. If he had followed her till here he would go further..
She left with her dragon by her side and together they were of great strength. Altough they didn't know it jet..


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