Aradia was a witch. She didn't like to be one of the popular ones. She believed that being an air head didn't solve anything. And she really didn't believe that thinking causes rimples. She loved to think and she loved to read.
Now she had to move to a small town. She didn't like that. Never would she love it. She had grown up in the big city, she was used to the traffic and other big city problems.
Her first day of school was a disaster. There was one girl and she didn't listen and  always fladdered around her. Why did she do that? At first she worked on her nerves. But after some time, she had to admit that she kinda liked that girl. Her name was Emma and she became her best friend.

'Look Aradia... he  just Looks like an angel...' Emma sighed. Oh no not again that same story, about how cute he is or what he was wearing.
'Oh come on... He isn't that cute. There are cuter boys in this town.'
'You are interested in a boy??' Emma asked teasing.
'Haha... Weren't we talking about your angel?' Aradia rolled her eyes.
Emma pushed her playful away. 'Just wait... You'll see.' Emma said standing over Aradia. 
'Come on, help me up.' Aradia asked, demanded. Emma gave her a hand and Aradia pulled it really hard so that Emma was lying next to Aradia. They looked at each other and they started to laugh.

Aradia liked those little talks with Emma. What she also liked, was that boy standing on the other side of the street. She liked him. He looked cute. Not like other people. Just a normale and still handsome boy. But he didn't dear to talk to Aradia. And when she walked to him, he ran away.

One day Emma entered the house of Aradia. She was crying and was feeling miserable. It took Aradia a while before she could understand Emma. Aradia didn't like her to be hurt. It hurted her too.
Michael had turned her of and he had treated her as dirt. It was terrible what he had done to her. The whole village mocked her.
Come on Emma, You need to get out of your bed and get dressed. Never thought I would say this, but I miss your teasing...' Aradia talked to the sheets on the bed. They moved and Emma came out. She was sad, and looked very pail. 'Emma you look like something dropped on you...' Aradia said to make Emma laugh.
Emma smiled. 'That doesn't matter anymore....' her voice was soft.
'Take that back! There is no time to be telling this.. No time to be depressed!' said Aradia.
Aradia ran to the bed and jumped on it. She saw that Emma didn't know what was happening. She tickled Emma. 'I won't stop untill you laugh!' Emma started to laugh and everything was fine again.

Days passed and Emma got back to her normal self. 'Can you believe, Aradia, that I would still like to be with Michael?' Aradia didn't like that. She knew it was going to end up bad.
'Your crazy...' She said looking at her.
'I know... But maybe if you would help me...'
'What do you want?' Aradia said. She knew what Emma was trying to pull. 'You do know the consequences?'
'Yes yes...  But still. I think that is the best way.'
'No, the best way is to put him out of your little head..' Aradia saw that Emma was looking sad at her. And she knew that she couldn't help it!
'Ok... But you have to promise me that you will be careful with what you ask for..'
'Oh thank you Aradia!' Emma jumped up and hugged her friend.

Emma came to her that night and they did this spell. Aradia hoped that nothing bad was going to happen although she believed that something bad was going to happen..

Aradia was still looking out of her window when the boy waved at her. Was he really doing this? She waved back and went down.
'Hello?' She said in the dark. Maybe he would come out.. But he didn't.
'Hi, my name is Paul.' a voice in the bushes said. Aradia couldn't wait anymore. She walked up to the bushes and reached in them and pulled out a man. Even from nearby he was cute.
'You could just come out of the bushes and come inside...'
'Now I can't go back I think...'
'Yes your right, I will pull you into my home. So come in..'
He came in and Aradia made him sit. 'Need anything to drink?'
'Yes. Some water please.' Aradia went inside and looked for some water. When she was filling his glass, she heard some music.
She walked back with the glass and when she saw Paul she noticed that he was standing.
'Could I have this dance?'
Aradia was surprised. 'Yes...' He took her hand and they danced. It was like they were flying. She loved the feeling and didn't want it to stop. Then he stopped.
'The song ended...'
'I need to get away.. I have to go home. I'm sorry...'
'But...' He didn't listen. He went away and she ran after him. 'Paul wait...' She took his shoulder and turned him around. Without thinking she kissed him.
Then Emma ran in the house. She said something, but Aradia didn't understand...
She looked at Emma and she saw that she was confused.
'What's wrong?'  Aradia asked.
'I don't know... Help me..' Emma looked really scared.
'We'll just wait till he gets here and then we will talk with him. Ok?' Aradia tried to help her but it didn't work...
'No... No... Please....' Emma started to shiver.
'Easy Emma. Your alright here.. I'm Paul.' Paul tried to help to.
There was a banging on the door. 'Emma.... I'll catch you..' The sound sounded so dark..
Emma didn't want him to find her. 'I need to get away.. Aradia please!' She thought how she could get safe out of this one.
After a while, Aradia said: 'Maybe it's better that we fool him..'
'Stand close to me.. I'll make a portal to the other side of the town.'
They stould together and after some words that they didn't understand a light blue portal appeared.
'Get in!' Aradia said. It was Paul who walked in first, then Aradia pushed Emma in it and she went as last.
Aradia looked over her shoulder and saw Michael. I just hope that he wont come after us...
Then Aradia saw nothing. It only seemed to long. She had done this before and it was to long. Something is wrong...


Aradia looked around. Paul and Emma were already there. 'I think we aren't where we were supposed to be...'
'No I don't think so... But lets find out where we are.' Paul said. Aradia looked at Emma. It looked like she was somewhere else.. Not here. 'Come Emma..' Aradia pushed Emma gently to a tower.

Aradia saw that Emma was more relaxed now. She knew she had to tell about the last thing she saw, but she couldn't... It wouldn't help.
Emma went to that tower and they followed. When they were in the tower, they saw a lot of pink or red colours. 'Someone loves pink...' Aradia said. Paul smiled.
Aradia looked around, but there was no person to see.
'I wonder where everybody is..' Paul said.
'Yes, me to..'

They walked to a great opening in the cave. There were sands. Strangely they were really hot. Then they saw the eggs.
'We have to enter.' Aradia felt that Michael was near...
Aradia pushed Emma in the cave and there they saw other people. They didn't  even notice the 3 persons in the cave. They were to busy looking to the eggs. 
Aradia looked at the eggs and wondered what was in it. She didn't want to stop, but as nobody else moved, she didn't to. And then the eggs moved and Aradia was under a spell...
Aradia looked at the eggs. One of them, a boy who got first left the hatchingsands. After his dragon, two dragons hatched at the same time. All looked at one of the dragons. She spôke to her chosen one. Nobody payed attention to the little red dragon. Everybody turned to the dragon when she made a high tone. Some of the candidates jumped out of the way whil the dragon waggled in the group. Aradia heared a voice in her haid. The voice wasn't pleased.. It sounded a bit desperate, then she heared a name.

Really, Dionday,” said Aradia. “Do you have to make such a racket? I’m right here you know…”
With a happy cry Dionday bounded over to Aradia. Yes but I couldn’t find you! There are so many people…
“I know. Lets go get you some food though, ok?”
Ok! The two of them left the sands as the hatching progressed.



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