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Hatching of Reehl

It was on an early morning near the volcano on Keltic Spirit, where Belenus was wtaying, when he was called to the hot springs. 
Belenus, always been a mistery man covered in shades, felt a thrill run through his body as he walked the way to the hot springs. He had been here for some time now, and well, not that he was missing Aibell, he did miss her colourful light in the morning. He had always been alone, and now that the bright elf had travelled with him, he felt lonely for the first time.
But that would soon be over when he might bond a dragon here. That was where he was going to. He already saw the steam rising.

"Ahh, Belenus. You are just in time." Nimue said when she saw him entering the hot springs.
"Am I?" Belenus asked when he walked next to Nimue further.
"You should go look for your dragon alone." Nimue pushed him further into the hot spiring and turned round. "Good luck!" she shouted over her shoulder.
He looked carefully to any sign of a dragon that had passed, and found a soft trail that he followed. 

After about an hour, the trail stopped. it had guided Belenus all over the hotsprings, but Belenus was patient. 
Then something jumped from behind around his shoulders.
"I've found you!" 
"So it seems Reehl." Belenus said, looking at his attacker.

Growing up

Belenus trained Reehl about sneaking, tracking and even attacking. Reehl was a playful Vulcan dragon that enjoyed learning a little, but loved playing games and attacking. He reminded Belenus of Aibell, but he didn't say tha tout load. He didn't even want to think that elf girl was his friend. 
"Lets go to the Clouds!" Reehl shrieked.
"Aibell is bonding now with her own dragon." Reehl grinned and pushed his bond towards the mountains where Aibell was. 

There they found that Aibell had bonded an Aura dragon, more colours then anybody ever could have imagined...

Hatching of Boreala

Aibell flew as fast as her little wings could cary her, over the mountain tops, through the mist, and into the clouds. the day had finally come where she could bond her own dragon and then they could just go swim together and show of there beautiful colours. Aibell just knew her dragon would be wonderful. She just knew her dragon would be colourful.

"Oooh you have pretty colours!" a soft voice said as Aibell flew past it.
Aibell stopped, feeling drawn to that voice and looked over her shoulder. Her mouth fell open by the sight of so many pretty colours. 
The dragon giggled softly. "My name is Boreala." The dragon said gently, looking at the elf.
"Mine is Aibell." Aibell had dificulties to find her voice, but when she did, she didn't stop anymore. talking to the dragon in front of her was just wonderful. She had missed Belenus' company a little, and especially the fact that she couldn't really talk to anybody that she knew. 

Growing up

You're growing so big?! Aibell said when she felt really small. 
"But, now nobody will forget you." 
"that's true. Lets go swim!"
"Yay!" Boreala squeeed. "Let's go to the hot springs!" 
"Good idea! Then I can see Belenus again and Reehl as well."

When they got at the hot springs, both of them looked for rider and dragon, and when they finally found them, they were both sitting in one of the hot springs, enjoying the hot water. Aibell ran, and jumped into the water saying: "Missed me?"
all that Belinus did was grumble, but he did move asside.


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