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Aibell and Belenus

"Where is Aibell? Why does she always runs away when she's needed?" A loud voice, from a giant, sounded through a peacefull village named Zephyr. The leader, who was shouting now, was know for his great powers and wisdom throughout all Zephyr.
Zephyr itself was a world where nobody ever had left the there warm houses and where all species lived as the same. It was a world that had no polution, no war, and most of all everybody was an equal to each other . But now the world was in danger.
"Go find her now!" the lord yelled at one of his servants. A young man with the body of a wolf, and the head of a dwarf started to run and left the castle as quick as he could.
"I'm sorry Belenus. But she's the best for this."
Belenus, a man who was always covered in the shades, said with a soft voice: "I know. I'll wait." He leaned against one of the pillars and it seemed that he dissapeared right in front of your eyes.

Almost 5 minutes passed, and then with the spead of lightning (if you didn't have the ability to see fast, you wouldn't have seen the wolf-dwarf, only a soft breeze on your cheeks), the wolf-dwarf came in running and with him, he carried a small, but o so collourfull fairy.
"There you are Aibell!"
"I was just going to take a swim.. My collours in the water are so pretty!"
"Hush!" The lord said, and with it the pallace shouk on his top of a mountain. Little bits of platter fell from the cealing. 
"Sorry." The little fairy glittered and shone so much, that she was some sort of lightsource.
"Listen carefully Aibell." Aibell fluttered towards their lord, and with that, she lighted the place with her light. "Could you be less colourfull?" Belenus, a stranger towards Zephyr asked her. 
"I won't deny my colours. They're nice and I love my greenish blue colours, especially in the water.."
"I want sombody else. She'll slow me down Teutatus."
"You're still as stuborn as always. You'll just have to trust my judgment."
"Ok old friend."
"Wait a minute.. You got a name? And you mean you got friends lord? I always thought you were locked inside your castle, and saw everything."
"Be quiet Aibell!" Again some platter fell down towards the ground, this time, Aibell had to be very quick and fly past some of the very large pieces.
"No fun." Aibell muttered.
"Aibell, what do you say about traveling abroud? go see the world?"
"the real world?" And with those thoughts, her colourse changed into even more briliant ones. Everybody knew that fairies light and colours were dependend on the mood the fairy was in. "Let's go!"
She flew towards Belenus and started pulling his arm. 
"Stop it. It isn't that easy. Don't you have any family to say goodbye to? or even a boyfriend."
"I'm all alone." Her lights and colours grew dimmer by the thought of her parents.
"I didn't know Aibell.. But still, it's going to be long untill you see this place again?"
"I don't care. I want to go!" Blinded by the thought of exploring, she didn't ask why they were going away, where they were going or even why she was going in stead of the larger spiecies.
"Well then I'll give you some suplies before leaving." Teutatus said softly.
Aibell, in her own joy didn't notice that the lord was sad, but Belenus noticed it. But he kept it for himself, knowing how his friend would react, and the sealing was already in a bad shape.


A few days had passed already, and Aibell had found out, the world wasn't such a good place to live in. She missed her home, and with that, every day that passed, her colours were getting dimmer and dimmer, making her weak and close to death. 
"Come on? Where is the bright and shiny Aibell?" 
Aibel sniffed, but said nothing.
"Why won't you go swim? You said you're colours were pretiest then." He didn't know why he said these things, but every time he thought of doing nothing, the images of a sad Teutatus poped in his mind, and he couldn't let her die.
Losing his temper (wich he almost never did, because that's just a ticket to a painfull death) he picked up the fairy and went to one of the lakes. He trew her as far away as he could, and then jumped in next. As he dove under, he saw one of the most beautifull things he had ever seen. Aibell was in the water, her hair was as a cloud around her haid, and where her heart was, he could see that the blueish green colours started to spead. And soon, all the animals in the lake came to see what it was. He had to go up for air, and when he looked around, he could see the light in the dark lake and saw everything bloom in it. He dove back under, and then he saw her swiming around. She was giggling and playing with the fishes, she dove to the bottom of the lake and there she started dancing with the crabs. 
When Aibell saw Belenus, she swam towards him and said thank you. 
He had to go back for air, and knowing that she was alright, he swam to the shore and there sat untill the sun came.

"Wonderfull!" Aibell woke him up and noticed that she was cooking.
"Don't! that's the last we had of supplies."
"You didn't know? I can make food apear.. I can do loads of other usefull stuff too..." She giggled. "My pretty colours!" She hugged herself, and by the looks of it, Belenus noticed that she would do that a few more times, before they could go on. But she suprised him
"When are we leaving? I want to see the world."
"Do you have any idea why you and I are traveling?"
"Yup.. Save the world, defeat the bad guys, that sort of thing."
Belenus' mouth fell open. "How did you know?"
"I do read you know... It's always the same in those kind of books."
"You do know this is real life?"
"It are usually the small ones that make the difference." She smilled at him. He sighed and started packing.

Many days later, Aibell and Belenus were going north. Soon, they would enter the realm of the dark. 
There was their mission, saving the world. Against goons and devils.
"Lighten up will you, o grey one." Aibell had been her usual colourfull self, and it was starting to get on Belenus' nerves. "the world is so much beter when you see colours.. First, we'll have to do something with your clothing... It's just horribly grey... Then..." Aibell flew against Belenus when she wasn't paying attention.
"Were here.." Belenus said as he pointed.
Aibel couldn't help but shiver at the look of their destination. 
"I'm not going in there." Aibell whispered. It was a dark place, only rocks and death things. The cave they needed, was shaped in a skull, and skeleton hands were sticking out of the ground on both sides. Lightning flashed up ocasionally, and a storm raced over the ground.
"Come on. We came this far." Belenus said and grabed Aibell before she could fly away.

Inside the Death Cave

"Why don't you use your light and shine?" Belenus muttered. He had walked against rock, moving object, slithering object and hairy objects. He was tired of walking against objects.
"You told me not to shine."
"Please show me your colours." 
"I'm not just a lightbulp that you can turn on and off!"
"Oh come on Aibell.. I'm sorry."
"Okido!" Aibell flew above Belenus' haed, and there made a light with shades of blue and green. 
"Let's go!" Aibell had been scared the first steps, but then she realised that this was nothing but a really good book. Soon she would be fighting, and showing of her real powers.

"Stop shining NOW!" Belenus whispered.
Aibell was about to say something back, but she was hushed by Belenus that pushed Aibel in his smelly old cloack.
"This stinks." Aibel said softly
"That isn't me.." Belenus whispered back.
"You sure?" 
"Don't hush me!" Aibell flew out of the cloack, and flew almost against one of the most horribl things she had seen ever. It had facet eyes, drool was hanging from it's mouth and hair on places that were so not right. It was this thing. It seemed that the creature, who was 10 times bigger then Aibell, didn't like her pretty lights.
"You're right, it isn't you who stinks.. It's that."
"Now Aibell.. don't get it mad."
"I do believe that this thing isn't able to apreciate my pretty colours."
"Stop it! You're going to get us both killed."
"Don't worry Belenus.. It's all part of my plan."
"I'm going to defeat this creature of smell."
And as Aibell had said that, she concetnrated on her colours and shining, and instantly, a bright light, too bright for anybody to see, flashed up inside the cave. The creature fell down on his back, and couldn't get up anymore. Belenus quickly grabed the hovering fairy and started running.
"Don't ever do that again?"
"What did I do?" She giggled. Knowing that she had finally shown what she was wearth.

Walking further in the darkest cave ever, they both started to feel that something was lurking inside the shadows. Eyes, pearcing towards them.
"Psssst Bel... What's that there?"
"My name is Belenus, not bel. Ok? And where?"
"Over there." Aibell flew towards it and then saw a group of about 20 men (who all looked very evil) prepairing themselfs for attacking.
"Come back here Aibell!"
Aibell flew back as fast as she could, and flew past frog-like toungs, and hovered around Belenus' head.
"there are to many!" Belenus whispered to Aibell.
Panacing, Aibell grabbed some hair of Belenus and started chanting and pulling the hair.
"What are you..." Lights of blue and green surrounded them, and Belenus could see the surrounding getting blurrier. 

Entering Celtic Spirit Glade

"Wake up!" Aibel yelled at Belenus.
"Where are we?"
"This is the wonderfull place called Keltic Spirit Glade. Seeeee.." Aibel pulled Belenus by his hair, and he sat up straight. So he had been lying on the ground? 
"Where are we?"
"Do you have amnesia?" 
"Why do you ask the same question twice?"
"I have a headacke.."
"Think of pretty colours and everything will be alright!"
Hitting the irritating fly called Aibell, he got up and wobled on his two leggs.
"What are we supposed to do?"
"Get stronger, find allies... that kind of thing."
"And where do you think we are going to get those allies?"
"There!" Aibell pointed at a temple. Or at least I'm going there.. Don't know about you though...
"At least I know I'm not following you." He walked away, to the south. There he would find the perfect place to find that allie; the Volcano


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