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Raven checked the positions of the two other members of the team. Merxes and Rookie were at their posts on the other side of the building. Raven considered for a brief moment if he had to call them back, but then decided against it. The two women, both skilled would be enough to stop the robber.
Besides Merxes and Ryan weren't the most dependable in the team. Ryan or 'Rookie', the newest and youngest member of the team was still learning. Raven felt for him and didn't want to risk his life without good cause. And Merxes… was Merxes. Too hot-headed to consider any strategies. He could be as dangerous as a true adversary if he tried to help. But he was the least noticeable of them all. Someone who had enough intelligence to get a job at any firm, no matter what the content. He flawlessly adopted the right attitude as well. If only he wasn't so addicted to action.
Raven checked his screens again. Ovianskina blinked in and out of his vision, sticking up a thumb indicating everything was going as planned. Her short brown hair and dark blue eyes, strangely coloured in the black and white screen. Raven's eye for a moment lingered on her tall muscled frame. The images didn't do her justice, nor did he like her face without the glasses that made her look distinguished.
Not much later another shadow passed, the thief, the prototype now concealed in his backpack. And a few minuets later still, Ilandra sneaking stuck to the wall. Raven watched them go by and adjusted the camera's. The thief approached the fire exit and walked through. It seemed as though the research financers had invested a lot of money for nothing. A job so easy could have been handled by their regular security guards.

Ivana listened at the door, she breathed as shallow as possible to hear movement behind it. The two women had been following for quite some time now. She had led them away from the arranged exit and now she was ready to give them a big surprise…She waited, her latex suit shimmering in the black as the moon appeared and disappeared behind some clouds. The suit covered all of her body, even her platinum blond wavy hair and the pretty face that would have given her identity away. She had met this band of good guys before in her line of work, back in the days she had still kept herself busy with petty crimes. She had changed since then, gotten better in taking what wasn't hers, but also learned some new tricks with explosives. They had taken two years of her young life and she would enjoy making them pay.

Ilandra waved at Ovianskina to open the door while she would run in, armed to the teeth. She had had a bad feeling all evening, not even the cheery talk with the ever strange Raven had been able to lighten her mood. If there really was danger, she'd be the one taking the risk, not her employees.
Ovianskina opened the door in a very slow manner. A thing she had learned in her years of training. Most bad guys expected the door to fling open, they got confused when they saw it open calmly… of course there was a chance that this thief belonged to the 2% of the criminals that got ready and shot the moment the door was open.
Ilandra ran in and aimed, the small ray of light of her laser-target gun cutting through the dark like cake. No-one was there.
"Bogus." Ilandra said, "Nothing's he…"
At that moment a bomb exploded. Raven saw the flash of light fill his screen, while two limp bodies flew back against the wall. For a moment his mind blocked and he didn't know what had happened, what had gone wrong. But soon he pieced together the information. A bomb, probably planted before the theft itself judging from the speed at which it had been activated. The whole thing had been a set up. The prototype was probably already on it's way down.
That meant it all came down to him… unless he called in Rookie and Merxes.
"Rookie! Merxes!" Raven said in his headphone.
"What boss?" Rookie answered enthusiastic.
"We've got a situation. Ilandra and Ovianskina are down. Can you go help them while I lead Merxes toward the thief.
"Do you see him?" Merxes asked.
"Not at the moment, that's why I need you to check the staircases."


Lantessama Isle
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