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Name: Petra
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Description: Petra has a tanned skin and long, wavy brown hair. She has a big, straight nose, a slightly uneven mouth and brown eyes. Her face would be considered more interesting than beautiful. Petra however moves in a way that draws attention. She has confidence and rhythm and those make for a strong impression.
Personality: Petra is ambitious, driven and social. She is most of the things her partner Estivan is not. They compliment each other and can communicate to keep from arguing. It helps that Petra keeps herself occupied with projects. Since they vecame parents, they've been organising their time better in order to raise their twins.
Family: Had their latching ceremony to Estivan and has twin boys Yul and Wou.

Class: Merchant
Work Ethic: A sale is not a sale without a profit earned!
Pets: -- 
Bond: Citrine-Topaz Nelzath from
Lantessama Isle  


A New Opportunity
Petra had needed little time to adjust to having her husband return home with a dragon. Belrith was a sweetheart and he'd been more than willing to watch the children or to help her with hauling larger shipments for her trading company. Life couldn't be better, until that one idea was put in her mind.
"Shouldn't I get a dragon for myself?" Petra dropped the bombshell.
"What about the boys?" Estivan asked.
"You can take care of them just as well as I can. Plus, you've got Belrith to help." Petra assured her partner.
"I honestly believe she should go." Belrith added his support, earning him a pained look from his bond.
"Thank you." Petra said, giving the dragon a quick hug, "I'm hoping you could give me a ride to soemwhere with a clutch."
"It seems the decision has been made."
"I'll make certain to arrive back in time." Petra quipped.


Two pairs of draconic eyes looked lovingly at the eggs that started to wobble.
"They're finally hatching." Undroth sighed.
"I can't wait to finally see our little ones." Basanath agreed.
Both dragons had requested a lot from the staff of Lantessama and had nearly driven their bonds to exhaustion with their demands. They'd meticulously taken care of their eggs. Someone had joked that none of these eggs had gone without bodily contact for even one single minute. And that might actually be true as both dragons had quite the maternal instinct. But those with experience in such matters expected a lot of this clutch, especially if they found a worthy bond to further nourish their needs. Not too many candidates had been found but there were plenty of locals around to care for any that would not bond. Gella was the first candidate to arrive on the scene. He had ran, climbed and dug his way to the sands as fast as had been shifter-possible when the draconic hum had started. Several regular ground squirrels and moles had gathered at the edge of the valley between the mountains, observing and waiting for instructions. Coraalli was close behind, the gold-red linyaari looked elegant with her lean build, her hooves scraping at times. Despite the cooler weather, she was only dressed in a tank top and shorts. Last official candidate to arrive was Petra, the mother of twin boys, had been busy setting up trading relationships. Ever the capable business woman she had not let her candidacy go to waste.
"Take care of our babies." Basanath said solemnly, "Or...." the sweet and nurturing dragon then faltering to follow up with a threat.
"Or we'll come find you!" his bond finished for him with all the authority of a Decurio.
"Yes, that."
As if the eggs had waited for that promise, all four of them cracked right then and 4 duo-toned hatchlings fell out. A bright rainbow of colours appeared on the sands and the spectators gasped as they tried to make out which colours belonged to which individual.
A female dragonet, beige with brighter yellow wings, asvanced. She was much more down to earth than the sister that had bonded befre her. In fact, she'd set her mind on a certain trader and walked in a straight line toward her chosen.
"I think we'd work together well." Nelzath proposed.
"I'm certain we will." Petra replied.

Name: Nelzath
Gender: Female
Colour: Citrine-Topaz
Size: Medium (for Lantessama)
Parents: Turquoise-Emerald Undroth x Copper-Black Basanath
Species: Dragon
Note: -
Personality: Cunning, steadfast and opportunistic.
     *telepathy: can speak mind-to-mind with other sentient beings
     *teleportation (between): can travel to a different location on the same world instantly (includes time travel)
     *telekinesis: can move objects with their mind as per the spell telekinesis


Nelzath leapt into the air. The sky was vast and there was hardly anything to obstruct her movements. It felt wonderful and Nelzath could imagine that Belrith, who was a bit bigger than her and had come from a place with far more dragons, would like it. Nelzath had explored a bit, using her teleportation abilities to expand her knowledge of this world. She'd kept to the highest parts of the atmosphere so as not to frighten people but some had still seen her. Luckily none had come to hunt her.
"Out for a little flight?" Belrith asked as he popped up in her vicinity.
"Just going to stretch my wings." Nelzath responded.
Belrith seemed almost disappointed. And Nelzath wondered what the other dragon's aim had been with that question. The two of them flew side by side, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally Belrith addressed Nelzath again:
"Have you met the other dragons?"
"Most of them yes. Unless there are a few that don't want to be found."
"What did you think of them?"
"They were nice." Nelzath answered.
She felt once more that Belrith was hinting at something more but she didn't know what and she was getting a lit bit annoyed.
"Just nice?"
"Come out with it." she said with an unintended growl.
"Do you... like them more than me?" he started with a pause and then quickly jumbled out the words.
"I want you to be mine." Belrith confessed.
Nelzath considered her reaction to those words. A surge of pride to be able to sway the other dragon so, a rush of warmth around her heart and a flush of something else, excitement and a need to fly faster and higher than ever before, to quench this energy...


Lantessama Isle
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