Brygh & De'urh

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Lost Sands
Life at Benden Weyr proved to be quite an adjustments. Not only were they unused to the presence of the large reptilians, Brygh and De'Urh realised how bad some worlds were when it came to survival. There were plenty of dangers on Khylar, but they usually left you on your own so long as you didn't invade their territory or went out alone. Having a parasitic creature rain down from the sky at set intervals was on an entirely different level. 
The dragonriders and Weyrfolk told them what they needed to know, but they had plenty still to discover. As Talia had suggested, they inquired about standing for a clutch. The regular sands were empty for now. But more clutches would come eventually. There was a clutch on the Lost Sands, but the Eienic dragons there were somewhat of an enigma to the Pernese as well. Still, Brygh and De'Urh were encouraged to go meet the aunt of the clutch, Mara of Oaths. 

"Are you worthy?" she asked.
The silver dragon looked intently at the two warriors. They would not cower in fear. But she saw the confusion on their faces as they didn't know what to say. 
"Hmm, we'll see." she said after a lengthy pause, "You can meet the hatchlings and they'll decide."
They were let into the secluded sands where the six orphaned hatchlings were living for now. They were all different. They all seemed to favour black, white, yellow and blue colours, though it wasn't hard to tell them apart. The black male Telbenyr seemed to mostly ignore them while the oldest female Braedri asked them a lot about Khylar, some things they could not answer though. The imposing blue girl Cozza was already crackling with lightning as she was intending to link to her father's element. The two youngest of the clutch seemed to be a bit shy for now, keeping their distance despite their bright colours. 
It was the second oldest boy, Esso the Quick Fang, who showed most interest in the two adventurers. He sensed their innate love for competition and felt they would challenge him. There was little else to do around here so a few fun competiotns would be nice. And maybe they'd lead him to find that thing he was meant to link to. He had time yet to make a decision.

Over a year had passed. Esso was still wavering. Some of his siblings had bonded, others were still waiting. He was an adult by now and the spell to link was burning in the back of his mind. A constant reminder that he maybe should link to something to make certain he lived at least as long as his parents. His competitive streak urged him to do better. But how could he beat lightning? Or a mountain? 
"Want to go for a run again?" De'Urh asked.
The warrior had come often to the Lost Sands, having come to know the hatchings and feeling similarly out of place on Pern. He usually came with Brygh but sometimes one of them had other duties. He shouldn't feel bothered by it, but lately Brugh had been coming less and less. And he found that sad because she was a good person. Someone with a drive to win but without being unfair. He'd been getting a bigger handicap each time, but it never was something that favoured the humans. They always made certain that they needed to work hard and that he had a chance of winning. Like when he had been banned from flying to race to the top of the mountain. Sure he couldn't fly, but he was still bigger than them which meant that he still had an advantage. Esso grinned when he remembered how they'd all scrambled up the mountain. His win hadn't been easy, but he'd made it to the top first. 
"Want to see who can dive deepest?" he suggested to De'Urh.
Esso knew he was biger and stronger, but he was also more bouyant and his wings would severly hinder him diving. Maybe the humans would weigh themselves down with rocks. Esso would let them. And maybe allow them the use of a breathing device since he had bigger lungs.... But before he could formulate the rules to the dare, De'Urh interupted him.
"I'd like to take you somewhere first."
Esso was curious and followed the warrior to the home he lived in with Brygh. Both of them made no secret of the fact that they wanted to return home. The rooms were quite bare, except for a place to sleep, a place to hang their clothes and a the new big bag of gear Brygh had assembled, there wasn't much to look at. It was then that Esso noticed something different about Brygh.
"We wanted to let you know first but didn't want anyone to overhear yet." Brygh smiled.
"We're going to have a baby." De'Urh beamed.
"We need to wait a bit longer to be sure though." Brygh said.
She'd seen too many women lose their babies on Khylar to share the news so soon. But she'd realised Esso would notice straight away so they hadneeded to do something. In a few months she wouldn't be able to participate in the contests for a while. In fact, she probably should stop now since some of their dares had been quite dangerous. The thought saddened her, but the knowledge she'd be getting something of her and De'Urh in return made her endure.
Esso felt happy for the couple of people he'd gotten to know. And suddenly it struck him. He raised a paw and placed it gently over Brygh's abdomen. He recited the spell without a second thought and told them: "I'll keep this one safe and all others after him. I'll make certain nothing bad happens to any of your descendants and in turn they will keep me alive. 


Linked at Alternate Benden

Name: Esso, the Quick Fang
Title after link: ???
Gender: male
Parents: Ashram of Lightning & Peri of the Imperial Crevasse
Species: Eienic Dragon
Description: Quick to temper and quick to cool, Esso has an affinity for lightning magic along with speed spells and being an overall daredevil. He's got next to zero patience, but enough compassion and drive to make the world a better place to make his quickfire flaws tolerable. Somebody give him a space ship and a space race to win.
    *Lightning Magic
    *Speed Spells

"Tell us the story again Esso!" a young girl called.
The blue dragon who had lost count of his exact age, but he was somewhere between 220 and 250 now, stirred and smiled at the feisty girl. She reminded him of her ancient ancestor. Especially the way she snuggled close when it got colder. Two boys, her cousins, also ran up to him, their eyes sparkling.
"Don't bother Esso too much if he doesn't want to." one of their uncles told them.
"No it's fine. I don't mind telling the story."
And so he started: "Once upon a time, long, long ago, but right around the corner, there were 6 heroes..."
"Were they valiant?" the girl asked, giggling as she knew the answer.
"Hardly! They were a rowdy bunch. But they had courage and skill. And they were wanting for money. So this one job they were told about sounded mighty good..."
Within minutes, half a dozen more people were gathered around to listen to the story that had happened even before he was born but he'd heard about firsthand. He'd met these people and a lot of the ones that had come after. There were plenty of descendants and his life was quite secure. Because he knew the kids liked it, he added a bit of lightning flashing to some of the scarier parts of the story and was rewarded by shrieks from them and laughter of the older generations.
When the story had ended, the boys asked: "Can you tell us about the crystal thieves too?"
Esso chuckled, "We'll be here all night with that one.", he left a little pause but then said: "But it is a great story and I guess we don't need to be anywhere tomorrow."
This one was a story he'd heard years after he'd met Brygh and De'Urh. But it made sense and by the link he'd felt with it, he suspected that they too belonged to him. A lineage was a curious thing. He could feel all those little descendants that were linked with him. Most were here on Khylar, but others were spread all through the galaxy. He knew when they were in danger, when they were happy or sad. And he'd be there for each one of them in their time of need. 


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