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NAME: Brygh
GENDER: Female
AGE: 26

LOOKS: Brygh has dark, sleek hair, large grey eyes, a slender face and pointed ears. She was born in a colder climate and likes to dress for the weather in heavy coats, durable pants and added furrs. It's hard to tell but she's actually average-sized below all that equipment. But don't underestimate her stamina.
PERSONALITY: Brygh likes to be prepared for anyhting that might happen. She likes to think there's nothing left that could shock her. She has learned the ability to stay calm under stress and makes sure to take the time to assess things before she runs in. She does have a competitive streak but it runs more to the analytical. She likes to outsmart others and strategise. 
SKILLS: Long marches without complaining, stamina, carrying heavy equipment.
LIKES: Fireplaces, tea and reading.
DISLIKES: The cold/getting wet, losing things and fish

FAMILY: Brygh was born in a mountain region. Her family was small and isolated from the outside world but she learned a lot from them about survival. 
PETS: Blue Raptor Sadiceen (f) (gift from Nexus Discord)

Arrival at Benden
Brygh felt nauseous when the world finally regained it's normal parameters. Sky was up, ground was down and when she moved, the rest stayed fixed. That seemed about right. Beside her, Sadiceen sat waiting. The raptor nuzzled her neck which tickled. Brygh got up and looked around. She appeared to be on a beach but the sky didn't look like anything she'd seen in her life, with double moons and unfamiliar clusters of stars. 
Before she could formulate a plan of action for herself and Sadiceen, De'Urh materialised right next to where she'd woken up. Valharpy seemed to grin smuggly as she hopped toward Sadiceen, leaving De'Urh to compose himself.
"It gets better after a while." Brygh said dryly, unable to offer much more.
"That's good to hear." he remarked, already feeling his stomach settle and his balance return, "So where are we?"
"Your guess is as good as mine." Brygh shrugged, "I just have the feeling we're no longer on Khylar."
Brygh pointed up, showing De'Urh what she meant. Other than that the weather was quite pleasant the scenery looked unfamiliar. Their clothes were still wet but they weren't in any danger of hypothermia and there was plenty of room to build a fire. Question was if they could risk it. 
"I don't hear much, but that's not necessarily a good thing." De'Urh said, "Risking a fire might be worth it anyway."
"Sadiceen and Valharpy will let us know if something or someone is coming closer." Brygh agreed, "Though I'm all out of weapons."
She'd left her rope and climbing irons behind since she figured they'd need to reverse their route. She still had some items tucked away, like the firestone in her coat and the hunting wire in the hem of her clothes. But she felt immensely unprepared, a feeling she had never wanted to feel again. De'Urh unstrapped one of his daggers and handed it to her. It was better than nothing. 
"If you make a fire, then I'll patrol the tree edge." he told Brygh.
Time passed but with the unfamiliar sky it was hard to tell just how long they'd spent on that beach. Their fire had quickly dried the remaining moisture from their clothes and De'Urh had been able to desalt some seawater for them to drink. But all they could do was wait for the sun to rise so they could go explore and look for help.
As it was, help came to them. Brygh and De'Urh woke up to the hissing and yipping of the raptors that warned them of the nearing presence of a large winged reptile. The green dragon ony ytook seconds to reach them. As the beast got closer, it became clear that she wasn't aggressive. In fact she carried a human woman on her back who waved at them.
"Might you folks be in need of some assistance?" the woman called down.
As the dragon landed, Brygh and De'Urh waited to see what would happend. De'Urh's hand rested on his dagger and Brygh cautiously ran her fingers over the edge of her own. They could take the human, but what about the dragon she rode? 
"Judging by your garb and startled looks I wager you're not from around here." the woman continued, adding: "You can call me Talia."
Brygh and De'Urh introduced themselves. It was Brygh who followed up with: "And just where are we then?"
"You're on Pern. And this is Vroth, the green dragon who bonded with me when she hatched. Together we protect our planet. Where are you from?"
"Khylar." Brygh said without much further explanation.
"I've never heard of the place though some of the others at the Weyr might." Talia nodded, "How about I take you there? I promise no harm will come to you."
"Why should we believe you?" De'Urh asked, they didn't know the woman after all.
"I pledge my vow as well." a voice told them and Vroth inclined her head, "I will let no harm befall you."
"I think I trust her." Brygh said.
The two of them were helped onto Vorth's back and together they flew toward the place Talia called Benden Weyr, in the northern hemisphere of Pern. As they landed Vorth told the three of them:
"I would recommend you take a look at the lost sands. You might find help there. And if not you're welcome to stay for future clutches."
And with those cryptic words, Talia started the tour of the Weyr. 

Continued in Legacy

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