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NAME: Elodia
GENDER: Female
AGE: 27

LOOKS: Elodia is a woman on the heavier side of the spectrum. She is cerntainly not fit, but then she has other qualities that make up for that.She has a pale complexion, pale blue eyes and a straight nose. She usually keeps her hair covered under a cloth. Elodia usually dresses in comfortable gowns that cover her from neck to toe. She will never go out without her magic staff.
PERSONALITY: Elodia is structured, calm and collected. She makes a plan. And has 2 more for when the first one fails. She is methodical and analytical, often watching what happens as an outsider. She feels rather uncomfortable to be in a party and thus has learned to take on quests and foes by herself. She really should stand out more, but her clothes have an incanted spell that allows her to blend in the background. 
SKILLS: Spells and Incantation
LIKES: Looking at all angles, making lists
DISLIKES: chaos and rushed decisions

FAMILY: Elodia does not keep in touch with her family, last she heard they were fine.  
PETS: Purple Feathered Raptor Leliby (f) from Academia de Magica
BOND: ?? from ??





Lantessama Isle