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Name: Hanza
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Dwarf

Description: Hanza has long blond hair she usually braids. She has bright green eyes, a small nose (for a dwarf anyway) and a generous mouth she likes to accentuate with red lipstick. She has a normal female dwarf stature meaning she stands about 1.40m tall and is broad-shouldered and wide-hipped. 
Hanza is a dutiful woman with a stubborn streak. She has a hard time accepting help and sometimes this causes her to stress about her workload. Hanza works at the dam where the electricity for the entire settlement is created. She's one of the people in charge of maintenance and this of course means she needs to be responsible. For relaxation, Hanza likes to go out drinking and talking with her friends. 
Home: Swamp Section, Gator Lane
Family: Brother Chanz
Pets: Bamboo Svarpian Zither (m) from Gineya Isle
Bond: Waiting to bond a Porosus Drake from The Temple





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