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Name: Caylee
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Dwarf

Description: Caylee has brown curly hair, brown eyes, a wide nose and full lips. She has a normal female dwarf stature meaning she stands about 1.40m tall and is broad-shouldered and wide-hipped. She enjoys wearing bright colours that stand out among other dwarves who mostly wear earth tones. 
Caylee enjoys walking and that's how she met Chanz and fell in love. She is down to earth, practical and completely unromantic but those differences in their characters make for an interesting mix that keeps her interested and invested. She works as a hunter-gatherer and often joins Chanz on his walks while doing her own job. 
Home: Lake Section, Forest Hill
Family: in love with Chanz, Best friend Yukwa.
Pets: --
Bond: Hybrid Drake Ripple (m) from The Temple


It was early enough that though the sun had risen the colours of Dawn still touched the skies, when the various candidates who had gathered at the Temple for the drake clutch were roughly roused by the acolytes and set to marching out around the edge of the lake, headed for the small nest and the two drakes who waited for them.
Stream eyed the gathered creatures curiously. Shed seen them a time or two already, when they had been brought by to view the eggs, but where before she had simply acknowledged them as existing, now her gaze was assessing, wondering which among them would be interesting enough to catch a hatchlings attention.
They were mostly humanoids, though a few had alternate forms according to the priests, and one was definitely a gryphon, though not quite like any gryphon Stream or Thorn had ever seen before.
The Drakes had woken to the sound of chirping and scratching coming from the shells of their offspring, and known it was time. It was the way of things here that some of their young would remain with them until they were grown, and some would choose to go with the seeker who waited. Stream was content with that.
The first egg cracked open shortly after the humans arrived, spilling a green coloured salamandyr with little straight horn nubs, into the nest. The hatchling scrabbled out, glanced at her parents, and then dashed off for the humans and bonded.
As though that first bonding was a sign, another three eggs hatched at once, one salamandyr glancing at the seeker and then turning away to the unbounded adults, while the brown porous and the blue who bore traits from both parents, looked at each other and then headed for the humanoids together.
"Chanz! " The brown one pushed past several people in her way in order to reach the one she had sensed. "Hi! Im Brook. Were going to go and see all the things, right?"
"I am Ripple." The hybrid had followed quietly in Brooks wake and now stood before Caylee. "They're going to need a lot of looking after, arent they?"

Name: Ripple "The Small Wave Hybrid"
Gender: Male
Parents: Out of Stream (Salamandyr), by Thorn (Porosus) 
Species: Hybrid Drake (Salamandyr x Porosus)

  *Colour Codes - #204988 | #4873B7 | #32327C | #1D8B55 
  *Size - 20ft 
  *Horn type - Straight, Long 
An average sized drake, Ripple has an unusually heavy build, with a deep chest and short thick limbs. Hes a mid-blue in colour, with deep purple sails. His face is marked with a broad 'bald face' type marking, in pale blue, as well as short socks on all four feet and thick stripes down his spines.

Personality: Practical | Loyal | Curious | Honest
Like his chosen partner, Ripple is a practical creature. He has no time for daydreaming or flights of fancy, but he is quite a curious creature and wants to know how the world works and how he can make things do the things he wants. He's a logical being who prefers to take a scientific approach to dealing with any problems which crop up.


Chanz linked hand with Caylee and sighed happily as they sat on the bank of the swamp and watched the sunset. Life had been chaotic and challenging, but in a good way that made him work harder and dream for the future. Caylee gave his hand a soft squeeze and smiled up at her lover. She'd found that caring for someone had it's own rewards that were definitely worth the extra work. Not knowing what their bonds were planning kept her on her toes and made her life exciting.
"Where are the drakes?" Caylee asked Chanz.
"I believe they're having fun in the muddy patch down at the water's edge." Chanz replied.
"You know they're going to dirty the house."
"I'll wash them down before we leave." Chanz offered.
Caylee smirked, but decided against challenging Chanz on his promise. After all a little mud wouldn't be that hard to clean and she preferred everyone to be happy. 
"Chanz!" came the excited yell of Brook from below.
"Caylee, you have to come too!" Ripple added right at the end of her sentence.
Chanz shrugged, released Caylee's hand and got up. He missed the contact, but there'd be more time for cuddling later. As things stood, they'd grow old together and he quite liked that idea. Caylee jumped to her feet and was looking down the bank before Chanz had a chance to move. 
"What did you find?" she asked, not immediately seeing what the fuss was about.
'Eggs." Brook said.
And indeed, as the porosus drake lifted her tail, the dwarves could see a nest of eggs that had been left in the mud. The shells looked complete but there wasn't an animal in sight that could have laid the clutch.
"They're cold." Ripple said with a sad note in his voice.
"I'll make sure they hatch." Brooke insisted.
"Wait guys, we don't even know what type of eggs these are." Caylee started.
But as she climbed down, she was held back by Chanz who told them: "Do you think you can raise whatever hatches?"
Caylee looked at him, not believing her ears. They could be crocodiles for all she knew. And how devestated all of them would be when the eggs didn't hatch. And that was probably the most likely scenario.
Beside her Chanz winked and said: "We'll just have to take these home with us."
"Chanz?" Caylee asked.
"Relax honey, They're turtle eggs. And they will hatch, they just need someplace warmer."
"I guess we can take them home."

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