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Name: Fredric
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Description: Fredric is a tall human with dark skin, large ears and short-cropped hair. His eyes are brown, his nose is straight and he often smiles. Being tall for a human, he towers above most locals and is easily found when one needs him.
Fredric is a jovial person who never forgets to greet people in the morning and will always make time for a friendly inquiry about an ailing family member or a problem discussed previously. He has a good memory, some would even say an eidetic memory, and has a knack for picking up social connections. When meeting him he is instantly liked by a majority of people and others don't take long to fall for his charms. 
Medical Field: Surgery, orthopaedics
Short Bio: Fredric grew up elsewhere in Khylar but as he travelled to gather more knowledge, he somehow ended up at Folk Valley and has been staying there for about half a year. He is quite interested in Dwarf bone structure and is making charts and models to take back with him when he moves on. 
Pets: --
Bond: ??? from Dragon Pact (Hope Court Clutch)







Lantessama Isle