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Name: Desi
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Dwarf

Description: Desi is normal sized for a dwarf (short-sized and quite burly to a human's eyes) and has shoulder-length brown hair. She has grey-blue eyes, a large nose and generous lips. She is considered pretty for a dwarf but does not like to be judged on her appearance.
Desi is  outspoken and honest, she stood out because of her looks and has worked twice as hard to be noticed for her gifts. Her tactic went a bit wrong since the two traits combined gathered her even more attention. Desi is a whirlwind of energy and will naturally take the lead when faced with a crisis. She's just that person that starts barking out orders. People will (mostly) listen to her. 
Medical Field: Sorcery, healing.
Short Bio: Desi was apprenticed at a young age, having had to leave her family and live at a dorm with other magic apprentices. With magic declining, they were a small but tight- knit bunch that Desi considers as her friends. Now that they're older and away in the field she hardly has time to see them anymore. She has set up shop in the swamp area as the dwarves there are more inclined to superstitions and a believe in magic. 
Pets: Rikar (m) from Dragon Tears
Bond: ??? from Dragon Pact (Hope Court Clutch)







Lantessama Isle